Wednesday, April 12


I decided sometime back to get a new saddle.  I'd been happy with the Specialized Phenom for the past two or three years, so I went to order a new one... but the design had changed.  I bought it anyways.

In short order, some fancy aesthetic bullshit started peeling off (I blame baggies), and I was disappoint.  There were other issues.  Single speeder problems.

Oh well.  Time to find a saddle from a different manufacturer.

The Ergon SMR3 Pro looked sweet as far as profile and weight goes, but white was no longer available through any distributor that my LBS deals with normally.  A possible Face Friend brah hookup (on white) is no bueno.  Blech only.  I turned to the devil that is mail order.  I ordered a ti railed saddle which is more expensive than the crabon railed one... because I was confused by Thomson's carbon specific clamps... and alternative news.

Then I found better information that wasn't on the Thomson site, liked the saddle enough to order another one with crabon rails so more saddles on more bikes and then a very kind individual at my LBS surrendered a SME3 MTB Enduro™ Series saddle to me and now I have this:

I have been fully Ergon Ass-Similated.

The shape and size looked right.  Once mounted on my drooper post part, it felt right.  A few rides in, and all I could think was that this saddle is downright... innocuous.

I don't know how else to describe it.  It just became a nothing that my butt part did rest upon.

The nose doesn't snag my baggies and my sit bones are in a good place.  The nose is plenty comfortable for scooching up on when hitting steep climbs.

My coworkers don't understand why I weigh bike parts.  I don't understand why they don't understand.  I should just be allowed to liberate this unused, dusty hunk of office machinery and give it a good life full of purpose.

My old Phenom "weighted" around 270 grams (weighed at home with slightly less accurate scale), so that's a sweet chunk of pork gone without even trying.

Also, for me, this is a buneo:

The underside of the nose is pleasantly free of any harsh edges that dig into my shoulder when I go into full scramble hike-a-bike mode with the saddle resting on my shoulder.  I tend to do this when things get steep enough that I want a hand free to grab stuff or when it's too tight to roll the bike next to me.

More single speeder problems, I know.

Still, this saddle only gets my Seal of Semi-Approval.

Something tells me that the blowout prices on the white carbon (and the lack of a stocking distributor) means that they aren't gonna bother making them anymore.  And I like white saddles.  Because... burrito.  I like this saddle enough that I ordered another one yesterday.  So, hooray for making a saddle I love and boo for making a saddle that looks like it won't be made anymore.

BTW:  I gotta a lot of these Phenoms in a pile...

So if you want one cheap, holler at me.  Two old school, one newer school, looking for a good home.  Ti rails, all of them.  White, natch. Will trade for toy instruments and toy instrument lessons.


Anonymous said...

Who is the guy in the seal...he looks nothing like you.

Glen Evans said...

i can't part with any of my kid's instruments ,but would maybe like a saddle or two,so how many beans?