Monday, April 10

Is this when my mid-life crisis is supposed to start?

So, the reason for pushing out a strange post last Thursday was that I was getting in a car and headed to Ohio for my son's (The Boy's) wedding.  I knew I was going into some serious radio silence.  The wedding was my highest priority, and we were leaving early enough that I had time to squirt out a quick post, get in an hour spin for some junk miles, and get in the car for a seven hour drive.

Get there, take a few moments to relax with The Boy and Nicole, head over on foot in the brisk Ohio April weather to the Hawk's Nest for food and beer... and we're in bed by 9:30PM.  Somewhat shamefacedly, but whatever.  Sometimes I feel my age.

Wake up, discuss wedding day logistics (you know, the non-romantic non-feelings part of a wedding), head out for a ride on the Thomas Evans Trail, an old rail-to-trail path that goes from Newark to Johnston.  Make a few navigational decisions, end up where at the east end with a phone that went from 80% battery to straight dead from the cold, shove my phone down the front of my bibs, turn around and hope I can remember all the turns... because... wedding.

Headwind the whole way back, but some life came back to my phone, so these:

Very pretty, very flat, very strange.  Without any real navigation to depend on, I end up with a 28 mile out and back that only leaves me 20 minutes to get ready and head to The Boy's hotel.  Get there, sit around drink a beer, get in the limo, roll over with people I'd mostly never met before... and a few that I know,

crawl out of the stretch Navigator limo and witness.

Incredible thing watching someone you met when he was three months old taking such a huge adult leap.  The Pie and I might have shared a tear or two.  Such a long strange trip it has been being his parent, hoping for the best and that we did a good enough job to give him a steady footing in the world.  We truly wish the best for Andrew and Nicole.

So, yeah.  Pardon my last post, but I had my own world on my mind and the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming.

Looking forward to being underwhelming in the near future.


AdamB said...

Congrats Rich! That is quite a high-water mark. And another reminder of how fast this life zings past, even with only one gear...

Anonymous said...

man o man... this is sad news died... so so sad... loved reading that guy's blog, so passionate about biking, it was his life.