Tuesday, May 16

More Ass Bag Content

I mentioned some time ago that I'd been using a Mystic Ranch Hip Monkey for my commutes to get the weight of a messenger bag off my shoulder (remember my rhomboid hobby?).  It's great for packing huge loads of crap above my butt area, but when it's closer to empty (just tools, tube, money, house keys) it's quite... a bit much.

So I set out to find a summer pack.  Something that just holds the essentials and mebbe space for a t-shirt for topless commutes.  I looked at every single one I could find.  I settled on this:

Vest. arm and knee warmers strapped to the top.

Pinch Flat Designs.  Andy from New River Bikes told me about it and boldly endorsed them.  He had an order coming into the shop, and Dog willing, if they came in before PMBAR, he was gonna bring me one.

Dog willed.  Andy made sure to pre-pack it with wholesome goodness as well.

I've been commuting with it for about a little over a week, and it is much the buenos.

The Lance cracker people were in the office looking at our UPS system and brought goodies last week.  I brought them home thinking trail food thoughts.  My family thought differently.  They gone.

I wondered what the elastic was for inside on the bottom and on the lid... but then figured it out.

That's my Tülbag, tube, spare key and 15mm wrench.  And on top?

Coozie (never leave home without one) and Ziplock bag for my pocket computer if there's a downpour.  I don't trust anything more than a plastic bag on a 30 minute commute in a monsoon.  I assumed the webbing on the outside was for clipping on a dangle mug, but Andy pointed out that a blinky would fit there nicely, so mebbe.

The straps were on the long side for my ever-diminishing waistline, so they had to get trimmed and dealt with because I hate dangling straps.

Anyways, fanny packs just ain't for commuting and walking around Disney World or Walmart.  I decided to go without my SWAT bibs for this weekend's casual ride in the mountains, and instead pack stuff in with me.

Plenty of room for my Tülbag (with mtb tools), a bag of bacon, a large apple, one beer, and a useless iPhone.  I coulda strapped my vest to the top of the pack, but I had a Super 8 strap on my top tube already and wanted to keep it there in hopes of saving it from all the stuff flung up from my rear wheel (DuPont was on the wet side... and drizzling).

Anyways, bug Andy if you want one.  He's got some left.  Not many tho.

And you know how custom bag makers can be, so get on it if you want one cuz who knows when more will be available.

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