Friday, June 30

This is a journey...

Sorry.  Too busy prepping my bike (brakes need maintenance?) and packing shit in a bag. 

Headed out with Bill Nye tomorrow morning to make Hot Springs happen for real this time.  Then on the way back, stopping in Saluda for an overnight Faster Mustache campapalooza.  Wake up on Sunday, and it's Green River Gorge.

New trails and once ridden and sleeping sorta outside (in my Honda Fit of Rage).

Then back home for family type non-Tour de Burg 4th of July things.

Would love to spend the day of the 4th riding to breweries, but I would imagine that all the people who have dogs and/or kids will take up residence that day.  Meh.


Anonymous said...

Why not a tent? Why the car?

dicky said...

Because of tent space... I think.