Wednesday, July 12

I've never been fested before

I'm off tomorrow and heading towards West Virginia for the Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest.

Back when I signed up a few months ago, I was planning on flying solo.  Now I'm leaving here with Jim and Lee and meeting up with the crew from New River Bikes in Fayetteville to hop in the "Wonder Bread Van" for the rest of the journey.  I'm pretty stoked to be going, as this is my first Dirt Fap Fest ever.

Not sure what to expect.  Bike riding and beer drinking, I'd imagine.  I was happy to hear that there will be all kinds of food and coffee available, so I don't have to think about cooking and clean up and whatnot.  Just in case there's a long line for the elephant ears, I did cook up a pound of bacon and three sweet potatoes last night.  That and a box of Pop Tarts and some Tummy Gummies and I should be ready in case there's a run on the cheeseburger stuffed onion rings.

Not shown is the one case of Coors.  According to the rules, that's the maximum allowed amount of beer to be brought in per person, which makes me think they're suggesting that's how much I should be prepared to drink.


See you next week, ding dongs.*

* Unless you're gonna be at Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest, in which case, I'll see you this week.  If for some reason you don't know me but would like to, feel free to introduce yourself.  I know everyone thinks I'm gonna be an asshole (before they meet me, sometimes still after), and you might be confused as you'll think I should be taller.  Apologies in advance, as I'm afflicted by nominal aphasia, but just because I can't remember your name doesn't mean I didn't like your company.

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