Tuesday, August 22

'17 Breck Epic: Stage Two

Stage 2 – Colorado Trail – 43 miles, 7200′ of climbing

Jeremy and I are not lined up together.   I don't think we really talked about "lifestyling" the rest of the race as a couple.  Still, as we hit the first climb, there we were.  Wheel to wheel. 

Might as well do this thing then.

He's climbing quite well, so I tell him to go on without me if I can't follow.  He says the same thing to me later. 

photo cred: Timothy Faust
Get to the first aid station and I share my beer with him.  He had not committed to the "lifestyle" yet... at least not enough to be prepared for such an event.

photo cred: Ffej Knar
Out of the aid, up the climb, and I lose Jeremy... only for him to come around me on the way back down and we crawl into the second aid station sorta together.  The volunteers are catching on, and my beer and bacon are out without even asking this time.

photo cred:Ryan Ferguson
We leave together, but the next climb is a soul crusher.  I get to the top alone and descend hoping he'd catch me.  I wait at the bottom.  Gnarmire rolls down to me.

"Jeremy said that you should just go."

"Meh... and no."

At this point, no sense in giving up a good thing.  In a matter of moments, I see Jeremy coming down the side of the exposed descent.  Bueno.

One more climb.  One more descent.  We cross the line together again.

My bike is making more noise than the day before, but being that I've already over-preloaded the bottom bracket and stripped the tiny Cinch screw, I give up.  I decide that from here on out, I'm only going to lube the chain and check the tire pressure every other day, assuming that as long as I leave everything alone, nothing will fall off (or out).

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