Tuesday, August 8

Dog is Good

I don't know who coined the term, but I'm a semi-committed "lifestyle racer" for the time being.

This is a perfect example of the difference between "lifestyle" and serious racer.

If I really wanna be competitive, I run Carbo Rocket's Half Evil (purple drank flavor preferably).  That way, I get almost all my caloric needs filled while keeping up on hydration.  Mebbe a gel here or some Pringles there, but that's it.

But as a "lifestyle competitor," my needs are different.  I'm apt to wake up a bit depleted in the electrolyte arena from a little too much non-performance enhancing beverages the previous evening.  I need some proper fluids, but I wanna save a little caloric intake for the better things in life.  Gummy Tummies, bacon, beer, etc.  Too many calories and you start dealing with stomach distress, so I make sure that there's always room for Jello (shots).

I'm sure you thought I'd go Cosby there, but I didn't.

So, yeah... right now, I just wanna live through a race, suffer as little as possible, and enjoy myself as thoroughly as I can.

Gonna do my best to explain this mess in a manner that does not evoke pity or disgust.

Whether by self-relegation, laziness, or old age, I find myself chasing fewer and fewer podiums.  Partially because they don't matter all that much.  Partially because I'm not wanting to put in the effort/work to get on them.  Mostly because I'm just getting old, and I was barely good enough to begin with.  It doesn't get easier.

After I get back from the Breck Epic, the only thing I have left to do is (was) the Marji Gesick 100.  I was gonna power drive up and back with Wadsworthless, but plans changed, and he won't be able to join me (celebrity stuff).  I only wanted to go up there to try to break the 12 hour mark and earn another belt buckle that I wouldn't know what to do with except hang next to the others.  I've only got two belts after all.

With that off the table, I'm now thinking about heading up to the Bicycle Times Adventure Fest.  Looks like an incredible time, similar to the Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest I attended back in July.  Just closer to my house.

I still feel like I shouldn't waste the fitness and thick blood I'll probably end up with after Breck Epic, and a week later, a six day Mancation.  Mebbe head back down to the Fool's Gold 60 miler... looks like there is no longer a 90 mile option and they've dropped the NUE thing for '17.  I really liked the brutality of the latest edition of the course riding from the new venue.  So ouchy.  Also onsite camping and beer.  Lifestyle things.

Mebbe also the Creature from Carvin's Cove XXC race at the beginning of October?  Was pretty dope last year and only $35.  It's the most pain per dollar event I did in '16.

Mebbe the Pisgah Monster Cross... although I don't generally do garvel and it's four days after I've been gone on Mancation and a week before the Fool's Gold 60... but it is an odd year course (clockwise) which is generally more buenos for mountain bikes (I'd get dropped from the start and spend the rest of the day chasing carrots on long climbs and nasty descents).

Anyways, I'm gonna consider myself in the lifestyle class until 2019, when my racing age will be fifty years old.  Then my goals are going to be to use all this knowledge I've gained about recovery, nutrition, "training," and whatnot to see what damage I can do to the old guys on my single speed when I'm the baby in the group.  It will be a welcome vacation from "racing" against single speeders who are closer to my son's age than mine.

I'm old.  I'm okay with that.

Then again, mebbe I'll care even less about racing and massaging my geriatric ego, and I'll continue on doing what I do for no other reason than the fact that I have fun doing it.


I got a year and a half to figure that out.


Anonymous said...

Bummer about MG 100, I was looking forward to meeting you in person.
Rusty Knale

dicky said...

Yeth. I did look at plane tickets, but with bike shipping and such, it started turning into $600-700 to do a one day event.

I'd rather toss that kinda money on a week long trip out west somewhere.

Kevin Collings said...

It blew my mind when I realized I was racing against guys at least 10 years younger than me in ss at most races, sometimes 15. I'm not old enough to have the Old Man Strength thing going for me yet so just keeping up can be a struggle.

Rob said...

That 50 year plan is a good one. I too get beat by younguns.