Wednesday, January 10


As per my usual this time of year, the moments between 7:55AM and 8:25AM are spent wandering around and gathering clothes and putting them on my body parts.  Jackets, base/poly/wool layers, gloves... wool socks, natch.  I may not get out the door at exactly 8:25AM every day, but damn near close.

Yesterday, I head into The Pie's office to grab my tarck bike to put it closer to the front door.  I went to lift it out of the stand and the saddle came up... without the bike.  Hmmm.

Okay.  The rear clamp bolt on my who-knows-how-old Thomson seat post had sheared off at the head. 

I am perplexed.  I rode home the night before in the dark, numbed by a 34° rain and a poor selection of clothing.

But so numb that I wouldn't notice my saddle wonking around in between my legs while riding?  I have no idea when it broke, but the washer somehow made it home to be found on the floor.

The timing of this broken bolt is not lost on me.  The results of a January La Vida Bachelor weekend were apparent when I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I'm at the "pump the brakes" moment.

Not quite the "slam on the brakes" tho.

That and the night before my two inch larger in the waist Dickies work shorts were waiting on the front porch when I got home.  I was feeling no shame about the purchase, being that my regular 29" waist shorts are just a little tight for my extra winter girth AND a tucked-in base layer.  Just about the same tightness you feel on Thanksgiving afternoon (not evening).  Not "I can't breathe" tight, but definitely "this is not helping my internal organs function" tight.

I did just replace the broken pink Fizik demo saddle with the WTB saddle from the JaBronson that was replaced with an Ergon SME3 (so choice) recently. 

I can't say that I used a torque wrench, because I didn't.  I only break out the torque wrench to install a saddle if carbon rails are involved.  Otherwise, a bit of a turn after snug.

So anyways, it's 8:18AM.  I got seven minutes before I gotta go to work.  Consider the options.  I regretted riding the 38X18 equipped By:Stickel to work last week.  Too many long runs, so not gonna do that again.  Grab a bolt outta my 27.2 Thomson drooper and a loose 4mm Allen key, get busy.

Still out the door by 8:25AM.  Sweet.

But also, despite my lack of "goals" and a real "season," mebbe it's time to spend a little more money in the produce aisle.  Dammit.

I so wished I woulda ate a half gallon of ice cream this past weekend.

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