Tuesday, January 30

Pea Cells

I did actually get out on my bike cycles this weekend. Saturday, I rode with some frands at Steve's Place and followed it up with some assploring of bum woods with teammates.

Sunday, I rode over to the short track in the rain to stand around in the rain to drink beer in the rain and then rode home in the rain.

Did I mention the rain?

At least I have something to focus my otherwise randomized anxiety on, what with the Tour duh Charlotte apparently happening again...

Did I mention we're doing the Tour duh Charlotte again?

Oh well.  We are.

We're playing this one a little looser than normal, but we've managed to figure out a way that we can provide fun times in the woods for year number six.  Saturday's assploration reminded me why I wasn't so sad about not getting to the mountains last year.  I had that busted-ass toe that kept me from real trail riding for most of the winter, and I ended up doing hundreds of miles of assploration instead.  Kept me busy and away from the fridge, so okay.

I'm glad that some of my spare time will be used in a positive manner.  I've been walking around with a tape measure lately, trying to figure out a way to optimize my still bike-room-less situation.  Mounting one tire tubeless the other night required moving amongst four rooms, (making a mess in three of them) and digging into two bins (making a mess in one of them).

Patience isn't really my thing when it comes to finding a sense of order... so I can make a mess of it.

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