Friday, April 13

Streak Ded

I woke up this past Sunday knowing there was much to be done.  A towel wrapped in all kinda of nasty clothes from the last lap at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek left on the porch.  A plastic bag full of slightly less nasty clothing from the other two laps.  A bike that really needed a lot of attention.  Another bike that needed to be shoved in a cardboard box to go to Sedona.

So I got up and watched the Paris Roubaix.

Once that was over, I got down to business.

Things that were not just covered in mud but covered in clumps of mud.  Never seen that before.

Water in there... mebbe from the post-race bike-dunk in the lake?

It was a quick dunk, so I think mebbe from all the wets.

In the end, I pulled the seals off a bunch of the bearings, blew them out, and repacked them.  Also, my brake pads were shot (which added some excitement on that last lap), so I pulled them out, did the piston cleansing/lubing thing, and put in some freshies from TruckerCo.  All ready for PMBAR in a few weeks.... once I get my Santa Cruz 780 bars on there... braaaaaaaaaap.

By the time the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 was basically rebuilt, it was 3:30PM.  Meh.

Time to stick the squishy shifty shits in a box.

An activity that leads me to believe that if I ever ship a bike for travel again, it's my single speed or nothing.  That 800mm handlebar barely fit from corner to corner.  Any longer, and I woulda had to remove all the bits from the bar.  Had to pop the crank off one side, drop the shifty bit off its bit hanger, etc.  What a PITA.  I shoulda just told Matt McPee that I forgot to ship my bike and just borrow one of the Hermosa Tours bikes.

Send-ona Mancation '18 in a week.   Woot.

Oh, and Sunday marked something else.  It was my first day without a bike ride since November 27th (or so).  I don't remember when I realized I was on a streak, but it recently dawned on me that it was gonna die the day that I flew out to Sedona (or back), so screw it.  I took the day off and that was that.  Some of my rides were nothing more than riding to my mom's place or home from Bill Nye's house after a night of debauching, but they were still actual rides (not driveway wheelie tests).  There were some miserable weather rides in there, but I've got more GORE Wear than I do excuses at this point.

It was fun while it lasted... I guess.


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hellbelly said...

Yes, exactly. What she^^^ said.

I find it curious with all of your bike affiliations, friends and associates that you do not have or could not borrow a bike travel box. Yeah, they can be clumsy and take up storage space when not in use, but knowing your bike will be in one piece when you arrive has been worth it to me. I've owned an Iron Case (the OG of such cases) for nearly twenty years and traveled all over with it never having anything damaged, hell even out of place upon arrival.