Friday, June 29

Oh, it's in Wyoming...

A couple things to catch up...

If I could kick mine own ass right now, I would.  I'm still walking with a limp from doubling my mileage in one run in just a week's time.  I shoulda known better.  I think I actually do.  I had over-pronation issues way back when I used to run in high school and college.  Instead of buying whatever shoes I found on sale, I shoulda done my research and bought some pronation control shoes.  I ordered some a couple days ago, and mebbe they'll be here when I get back from Grand Targhee.  Super mebbe I'll be capable of higher speed ambulation then too.

Also, this:

I only had one pair of "running shorts" that I bought at the same time I got the trbl shoes.  It seems that the fashion of running has gone towards shorts that reach down to the knees.  Dumb.  They're like sleeves on a cycling jersey in the summer.  Pointless and performance restrictive IMHOMO.  When it's hot AF, I want to wear as little as possible.  That and back when I was a runner, this is the kinda short I wore.  They just feel right... and I guess if I ever got on a mountain bike cycling sport race podium, these would be proper attire there as well.  Yeth, when I head out the door in my Gore R5 Split Shorts, I'll feel like I'm in my underwear.  That's not my problem.

This space was reserved for 
a rear shot of the shorts, 
which upon further review, 
I decided to spare you of seeing.
On a mountain bike cycling related note (this used to be a bike blerhg), I had planned on taking the Meatplow V.7 Vertigo with me to Grand Targhee.  They were cool with footing the bill for transport, so why not take my favorite bike along for the journey?

I'll tell you why.

I got the itinerary for the trip about a week ago.  They're gonna keep us busy while we're there.  Right off the bat, we're doing a "downhill ride."  I assume that's in the bike park.  Sure, I'm willing to ride (and walk) whatever on a rigid frok, but I'd probably borrow something more park friendly.  Then there's an afternoon XC ride and two more the following day.  All those rides are @2 hours.

Mebbe six hours of riding and then there's the fact that over four days, I'm traveling for two...

Putting my bike in a travel case, lugging it around the airport, building it Saturday night (instead of relaxing and taking it all in), just so I can stick it back in the case Monday night (instead of relaxing and taking it all in), more lugging.... and reassembling when I get back to Charlotte at midnight so I can ride on the Fourth of July?

I think I can find something on this list that will do it for me:

Yeth, I could ironically ride a Bronson, I guess.  I'll probably try something else tho.  Doesn't matter, much, as none of those bikes are slouches.  I'll just have to remind myself to not get distracted when I'm setting it up, and mebbe do a thorough enough job that I'm not wasting my trail time fiddling with the bits.

Excited about a change of scenery and weather and lifestyle, even if just for a bit.  Even if I'm hobbling around the whole time.


I'll be back (virtually) in a week.


Anonymous said...

THe kids at the college call em "runderwear"

Jonathan Stuhlman said...

nomad. do it. for all the things.