Monday, December 24

HandUp Christmas is not a Crime

I got a Christmas gift(s) in the mail the other day...

a care package from HandUp Gloves (and apparel... and accessories... and coozies... and stickers).

Firstly, lemme say how stoked I am on the new flannel shirts.  I live in flannel in the cooler months, at work and at home.  Something practical about it... dunno.  I just love it.  HandUp's long sleeved lumberjack wear comes in two different colorways, and it has a stretch panel from chest to back.  That may not make sense to you, but I usually blow out the elbows before any other part of the shirt gives up on life, and when I bring my arms bent across my chest, I can feel the stretchy parts doing what they do.  Buenos.

I also got that beanie, which I had told them I didn't want...

And I've been wearing it almost every day.  It's only a problem when I'm exercising or foam rolling on the floor, and Boppit thinks I got a dog toy on my head.  True story.

They sent me the Tacky Sweater tech jersey, but I've not done much in other than wear it around the house.

Meh, I lied.  I wrote this post yesterday morning and then went out for a ride that afternoon.

Low 50s with a GORE Windstopper sleeveless base layer was buenos... way more buenos than my four second wheelies.

Also a pair of the new fleece lined gloves, which is something that was on my Christmas wish list.

I'm old.  I'm frail.  Cold hurts my old, frail hands.  It's a thing.  Some day, you'll be old too, which is better than being ded, I guess.

And one more thing.  They sent me a couple pairs of their new pants... or so I thought.

I was so stoked on the new olive color and driven by my desire to have olive shorts, I paid for them to be hemmed up proper-like the day I got them.

I figured I'd save the black ones to be my one pair of go-to pants (weddings, funerals, graduations), freeing me up to jortify my old black skinny jeans I bought years ago.

And then I opened the bag the black pants were in, unfurled the garment...

And came up short.  Literally.  The other bag had black shorts in it. 


I'm not sure if I'm pleased with myself or disappointed.  Fortunately, such a scenario is something I'm way used to, this strange state of pleased disappoint. 

Anyways, so super stoked that HandUp has gotten into the casual cycling garment business.  They're making stuff I want, and it's all becoming my go-to choice when I'm garbing up for wherever the day make take me.

Buenos Christmas, yinz.


RK said...

Hey Rich and or Handup, what's the flannel made of? They say the flex part is cotton/poly, but how about the plaid part? How's the breathability,is what I'm getting at.

dicky said...


On the regular gloves, the backing is super breathable poly. With the Cold weather gloves, they've added a fleece layer underneath. Both are very breathable.

RK said...
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dicky said...

Rob, Late response, but...


The flannel bits are cotton. The stretchy panels aren't.