Tuesday, December 18

Thank Part Two.

Part two of thanking those that need the thanks for being with me last year and going forward into the next.

GORE Wear.  As a full time commuter, bike messenger and dabbling endurance "athlete," I couldn't ask for a better Dick Supporter.  It's been so choice to have the absolute best gear when the weather turns foul.  I wished I woulda had this stuff twenty years ago, and on that same note, I'm not sure my almost fifty year old body would be getting out there every day with such ambivalence if I didn't have my ass covered in windproof/waterproof gear.  Thanks to GORE, I am still not getting too old for this shit.

Cane Creek.  For a (usually) rigid single speeder, they only had so much to offer me for the longest time.  I mean, how many headsets that are guaranteed for 110 years could I ever need?  Now I got those sweet eeWings crunks tho, and a pink 110 headset, and the best drooper lever made ever... so shut my mouth.  Also, I think they belong in that group of people that have been helping me for more than ten years now, and they're another USA company... so there's that.

Maxxis Tires.  I wish I had a clue how long they've been supporting this Dick. More than five, less than ten... I guess.  I can't imagine running any other tires on my mountain bike.  They've got all my bases covered with their almost too vast array of options (for a guy who has issues with most Mexican restaurant menus).  I'm super stoked they're sticking with me in 2019, and I plan on digging a little deeper into my tire options next year.  Because I can.

That time I raced garvel and used my garvel tires.

TruckerCo.  I've been running their sealant and brake pads for years now.  They make the most affordable high performance sealant and pads out there.  Period.  I see no reason to spend more and and be less satisfied.  Even when I get new brakes, I swap out the pads before I put them on the bike (and sell the stock pads for more than what TruckerCo pads retail for on their site).  AND (that's a big and) if you ever dog forbid contaminate a set of TC pads, they're cheap enough that it doesn't hurt so bad to just chuck and replace them as opposed to getting out the sand paper, boiling decriminalized water, and reading tossed chicken bones.  Fully functioning brakes are so worth $12 retail.

HandUp Gloves... which is more than just gloves now.   They are the minimalist gloves I always wanted.  They are a fun bunch of folks.  They're also making apparel now that is functional and not boring.  They are the warmers of my cockles and supporters of my Dickness.  Dog bless them and their short pants.

TOGS.  That vestigial tail of the bar end that I made fun of when I first read about them and now something I must have on my mountain bikes.  People ask me about them, I say "try them," they do... and they usually get it.  They might look a little funny, but they just work.  My old man hands say "thank you."

Topeak.  There's probably nothing glamorous about bike tools and storage.  That said, I've got four bikes hanging on my walls from three different kinds of stands, and maximizing space in our kinda tiny house couldn't have been done without them.  I've got at least five Topeak branded tools that are in constant use on my work bench, and while I have other options, those are the ones I'm grabbing. 

Carborocket.  I honestly didn't use their products much this year.  This is my fault, as I wasn't all that into "performance" in 2018.  I did go through an entire bag of Rocket Red (AKA Cheat Juice) in an effort to eek out what little I could from my not-so-fit human form.  That said, I'll be re-upping my supply here very shortly, as I'm less than a month out from trying once again to make great bike race.  I just don't see myself doing that without the Cheat Juice and Half Evil.  I've become too dependent on them to get through long events and rides when it comes to trying to go fast.

That concludes my thankings.

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Anonymous said...

As some mentioned yesterday, I use several of your sponsored products because of your reviews here. Not a commuter/messenger, not an "athlete" but love to ride my bike in the woods... A bulletproof set-up makes that even better because I often have limited time/opportunities and your reviews help me in the trial & error department. Thanks for the help!