Friday, May 10

We ready?

Firstly, if you ain't read Watts's version of his '19 PMBAR experience, I suggest you use your Friday morning toilet time more wisely and click over there.  Is much buenos.

But if you're caught all caught up, let's go.

I was up the Sunday after PMBAR before 7:00AM and home around 9:00AM.  Despite that a fair amount of locals woke up in the comfort of their own beds, I'm willing to bet that I was first to have a clean bike, all my lower bearings (wheels and bottom bracket) checked and lubed if needed (new Industry Nine Hydras showed no sign of moisture or contamination), new brakes pads (and clean pistons), new drooper cable, clean (not rusty) chain, and while I was at it, new grips to boot.  Not to mention, I swapped to my TSE ready gear of 32X19.

I was a very busy boy who was blessed with an empty house, so no real expectations from anyone but my dog Boppit.

He was a bit disappoint.

That wasn't what I did all day long.  I managed to watch two movies and get 3-4 half hour sessions in my squeezy leg bags, which musta counted for something, as my ride to work Monday post-PMBAR was not even slightly ouchy.  That has to be a first.  Later in the week, my shins did hurt, I imagine from run/joggling behind Watts down Bradley Creek between the downed trees and creek crossings.

Hard to believe that the Trans-Sylvania Epic starts in less than two weeks.  I'm ready... ish?

Well, my bike is ready.

Blurry evidence that I did not lose my bike in Bradley Creek.

My fitness... well, my fatness anyways.  I know it's not a direct correlation, but I do tend to think about my state of readiness being somewhat linked to my weight.  I'm at that tipping point where while commuting, my exterior stomach fat (AKA subcutaneous) tucks in behind my belt buckle as opposed to draping over it like a harbor seal basking in the sun on a warm rock.

I know this means I'm on the right track, albeit a few weeks late... but whatever.

With only two weeks (less than) to go, I feel like everything I do is semi-critical... which makes this weekend's weather predictions pure shit.

Vegetables, proteins, mebbe some saddle time?

Beer... and assembling the stage race crap.

Where's my Thomas the Tank pillow case and Princess sheets and power strip and sleepy eye thing...


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