Tuesday, June 18

And now, this?

The party happened.

Fun was had.  Friends were in attendance, both old and new(er).

Most of the day, I was reminded that I still have a tendency to try to cram too much into my time on this planet (healthy and unhealthy).  I was busy after work Friday getting shit ready for the party, and because I promised myself some "me time," I was up later than I wanted to be so I could watch a movie The Pie would have no interest in seeing... like ever.

The guy "John Wicks" himself in the first ten minutes by killing his own dog... spoiler alert.

Anyways, then up at 6:30 AM because I wanted to sneak in a Pisgah ride BEFORE coming home to get ready for my pre-party ride... because that made sense?

A shortened version of the Classic Wilson Creek loop which got me home by 4:30 PM, even with a prolonged stop at Hardee's.

How do you wait ten minutes to be handed a lukewarm burger?

Go to Hardee's.

I got home and really needed a nap.  My previous night's sleep was dog pooh, filled with anxiety-riddled dreams during the periods when my eyes were actually closed.  I considered going face down on the couch when I walked in the door, but I knew I'd just be thinking about everything I needed to be doing.

So, pace about and do things and wait until close to 6:00 PM.  People start showing up for the ride.  Faces of the deep past... like The Wonderboy... with his rigid Zion he hadn't ridden in years.  Wonderful.

A quick loop or two at the Backyard Trails, and I needed to get back in case people started showing up.

And they did.

The Boy and Bill Nye were already there dumping ice and beer into the kiddie pool.  From there, the next seven and a half hours were a blur of people coming and going ending with closing down Lucky Lou's and heading home to lie down in the mulch with a beer I'd never drink before going to bed.

I love all my little friends.  I really do.  Thank and blessed.

I planned on heading out to the new trail opening on Sunday, but I split the callous on the ball of my foot pretty good Saturday night (or Sunday morning?).  The best way to get it to heal is to stay off of it and slather it with petroleum jelly.  Going to work on Monday would be better with less exposed inside foot stuff.

So that's what I did, all day long... until The Pie and Nia returned from their trip to Georgia.  Well, aside from picking up the yard and making the house normal again.

And then I did a whole lot more nothing.

Monday was my actual birthday.  I'm now fifty.

I'm left with this.

This is the rest of my life.


This is the rest of my life!


This is the rest of my life?


Sorry not sorry about the lack of party pictures. What I do have is only because my friend Nathan grabbed my camera for a bit and played with it. The thought of photo documenting anything was beyond my grasp.


glen said...

nice...happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Its always been the end, and always will be. That's why "now."