Monday, December 14

Was I here?

Jeebus.  My head has been down.  For the first time in a very, very long time, I didn't ride my bike for three days (not in a row) in one week.  This "activity" ate a decent portion of my life energy:

I assisted someone handier than myself in the rebuilding of a poorly engineered flat roof over my back porch that had been leaking and rotting.  A two day job turned into three as we kept finding not so pleasant surprises.  Lots of money that coulda been better spent on bike parts now sunk into something I take zero pleasure in.  Living the American dream, emmaright?

I did get to ride, and I did have to go into work for one day on my week off.  The riding stuff was more fun tho.

It was strange seeing Shanna.  My world has been so small.  It is what it is.  Probably the first time that I've seen Shanna since I've met her and there was zero hugging.  I'm not much of a hugger, but I'll always take one from her.

I love having any excuse to eat cold pizza.

Going big and blurry...

In the DuPont.

I'm a rule follower.

Definitely not what the well-dressed deer are wearing this year.

I don't remember a lot of rides I go on.  I hope I remember this one.  Bluebird day and sleeveless in December.

And certainly some stoke added back to the fire.

And here's something strange.

Watts sent me a text yesterday morning while I was in Total Wine stocking up on decent beer.  He was gonna be passing through Charlotte after noon... about the same time I was gonna go ride the Backyard Trails.  It worked out.  We got a solid ride in and caught up and never took a photo the whole time and only had a little bit of time in the front yard before he moved on towards ATL.

Pretty magical weekend indeed, even if I don't have all the images to prove it.  Not only is there light at the end of this tunnel, there's a little bit breaking in from the sides in all directions if you're looking for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rich! Sorry I didn't properly introduce myself this weekend when I said hi in the parking lot at Cedar, the Rona has me all messed up on social protocols. My name is Natalia, and I used to be a single speed rigid fanatic, until my back said I'm too old for that anymore. I've been reading your blog and enjoying your bicycle adventures with Watts and the rest of the crew for several years. I randomly see you out riding a few times a year, but I don't like to bother people. Maybe we can have a beer and chat at some event when the pandemic is over.