Tuesday, December 1

Went some other places. Did some more things.

We had a plan for the next day of our trip.  The thing is with plans, they change.

The Pie was going to drive a hour and a half away to visit with a friend (in a non-super spreader manner), while I was gonna ride mountain bike cycles with The Real Florida Man... that was until his Tacoma exploded last week.

So much for the plan.

The Pie was leaving at the butt crack of before dawn (what is it with her and "vacations" that involve alarms that go off before 6:00AM?).  More Google Map surfing, and...


She could drop me off at Balm Boyette, probably before the sun comes up, and then I can ride as much as I want... as long as I don't mind the twenty something mile shit road ride back to the hotel... on my stupid single speed mountain bike.

What else am I gonna do all day?

Magically, it was just light enough for me to get my shit together and head out when she dropped me off.

I don't always start riding my bike at 6:45AM, but when I do, it must mean I'm on "vacation."  Sun was not necessarily "out," but I can assure you that the guns were.

Shift up, stand up, same same.

Mebbe my third time riding Balm Boyette.  I really do love it here.  No, there are no mountains, but what they do with what they have is so good.

Ridge Line.  Twice.  Because it's so bueno.  I mighta rode some other trails more than once, but that was more of a navigational issue than an actual desire for a rerun.

The ride home after twenty something miles of trail was as bad and also not so bad as I expected.  A narrow country road to a 60MPH two lane highway to a tiny town with a hundred taco trucks to strip malls to navigating my way through the interchange for I75 and back to the safety of the hotel twenty one miles  later.  I felt like mebbe having my mullet flying in the wind gave me some slight respect from the over taking traffic.  

A good day... despite the fact that I was showered and sitting in bed watching Ford VS Ferrari around noon.

So mebbe it was a "good morning?"


I was thinking I'd take a nap, but Ford VS Ferrari?

I think not.

Doh, I forgot he dies at the end.  Poop.

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