Tuesday, January 12

Leaning into it.

Hard to think about bikes a lot lately.  I'm sure much of our collective brain power is being drained by the world we find ourselves in now.  As apolitical as I try to keep the blerhg, I'll admit there was a moment months ago when The Pie asked me if I was happy that Turmp had lost the election.

"Yes, but I think he's going to spend the next two months trying to burn it all to the ground."

A vague prediction, but I woulda never guessed this would be his "best" work.

You're painting with a very wide brush if you call this a "riot" and those participating "rioters."  Yesterday, as more and more images and video were released, I was about as close to tears as I could be over something "political."  Hate on one particular politician or a whole swath that doesn't hold the same ideals as yourself, but I can't imagine being unable to sympathize with a bunch of people, Republican or Democrat, who were at work just doing their jobs and then finding themselves in the dark hiding from an angry mob with so little to defend them and no idea when or if help was coming?  And to be one of those Capitol Police officers? 

I try to put myself there, and I just can't.  I have trouble finding the words.  I know I'd have some sharp words for my employer at the next performance review.

Of course, all this makes me miss my friend Bill, if only to hear what he thinks about all this... that little ball of white spittle forming on his lower lip as he excitedly shares his view.

I'm very fortunate to have my garvel bike. 

Over my last ten day period of not going to work, despite taking two whole days off the bike, I've easily racked up huge amounts of saddle time.  I can't remember when or if ever spending this much time doing what I love.  With the local trails mostly closed, it's my only escape from the insanity, even if sometimes I end up riding with frands, and we try to verbally process the shit overloading our brains.  Once I get out there, it's kinda hard to want to stop.  If I can keep moving, the world can't catch up to me...

I tell myself.

*heart emoji hug emoji mebbe eggplant emoji*


Anonymous said...

How on earth did a single person breach the capitol of the United States of America without getting mowed down by secret service??? Much less an entire mob of people???.....I'll just be honest. I absolutely abhor the Left in this country every bit as much as they abhor the Right. The divide in our ideals is so great at this point that I can't possibly see any common ground to reach for nor do I even care to try at this point.

Nathan said...

I had to dig deep to find something to say to the students i teach. It's a heavy responsibility and not one that I'm willing to gloss over just because it's hard. It's partly up to me that they don't grow up to believe stupid ideology or counterfactual ideas. There are plenty of people who will use there confusion to mislead them and profit from their labor and lives. I have to believe that it's possible for enough kids to be decent that they outweigh the ignorance of people like the previous commentor. I HAVE to believe, to get through the morning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above cares enough to post and recognize the divide. And I like that. Please keep caring. Even if you dislike like both sides.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for further cementing my point. ~ anonymous