Monday, February 22

Winter Shart Tarck Series '21 Race Five: The Final Amble

I knew last week was going to be a difficult one to get through.  After the race on Sunday, I was looking at a week of either staring out the window at active rain or watching my front yard struggle trying to absorb all the unwanted water like the shitty comparison paper towel in a Bounty commercial.

Or mebbe I allow Jerry to talk me into a 46 mile ride in 35° drizzle... that I tacked an extra 4 miles on because how could I not?  It's been such a long time since I rode until my hands felt like bricks, and they weren't froze all the way through until I hit 50.  Somehow, I was willing to go out again on Tuesday and got another 50+ miler in... because what else is there to do?

Oh yeth, trail work.

Jerry got me out Wednesday so I could help him put 2,500lbs+ of Turfstone pavers in a problematic area at Sherman Branch.

It was pretty much no surprise when I woke up with a small cold sore on Thursday morning.  What can I say?  I'm blessed with HSV-1, and so when I overdo it, my body tells me.  Staying up too late, not hydrating, not eating enough whilst exercising, etc. 

I guess on the plus side, I have to wear a mask in public, so no one has to look at me like I'm a leper.

Thursday, I did as little as possible.  Try to keep the volume on my "pew pew" movies at a minimum, so as to not disturb The Pie who's trying to work in the other room.  Organize the laundry room... because I probably haven't done that in six months?  Twelve months?

What month is this?

Oh yeth, Rain.  That's a month, isn't it?

I got talked into another 30 mile ride on Friday that ended up being a 42 mile ride on my new 46X18 garvel behk gear. 

Which like any single speed gear ratio, it was great where it worked and terrible everywhere else.  I can keep up with the fellas better in the flats, but I need to have a head of steam built up before I hit the bottom of a climb.

All together, the entire week added up to enough effort that on Saturday when Dr Mike and I went on a short in town ramble, my legs felt just about dead when we decided to do one "interval" to the top of Hooter Hill.

Proper prep for the final week of Winter Shart Tarck.

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