Monday, March 1

Stacking vert like pancakes

All last week, I was staring at the forecast.  Again.  With The Pie outta town, I'd booked Boppit boarding hoping to make the most of the weekend.  Things were looking dismal... until they weren't.  Somehow, a shit show Friday was leading into an insanely good forecast for WNC.  An invite from Big 'n Buttery to go camping and double up on mountain riding was too good to ignore.  A whole lot of frantic packing (after down gearing from a rainy commute home) Friday night, and I'm ready in the most "sorta" way.   A no expectations kinda weekend.  I've packed four slices of pizza, two Pop Tarts, two La Croixs and seven beers (better to have some to share than to smack away hands).

I took no action photos.  Zero.  None of Brian (Big 'n Buttery) or Bryan (Less Big 'n No Less Buttery?).  Two days of zero sleeve weather in WNC in February.

Holy shit, these photos loaded in a random way... but what does it matter?  The usual Airstrip Trail photo overlook with the usual slice of pizza.

Been awhile since I slept like this...

The awning seemed like "tent enough."  The night sky was lit, like literal lit.  Tents are what they are, but staring at the sky beats all.  Socially distanced RV camping/awning poaching to keep the rain off my head part.  Pretty sure we slept ten hours?   Dunno.

Offering up pizza to the Bennett Gap gawds. 

Offering up pizza to the Buckho Gap devils.

After five weeks of Winter Shart Tarck, this weekend was everything I needed and more.  Climbing up Clawhammer for an amount of time equal to one Shart Tarck race.  Descending until my legs were quivering from the effort.  I member mountain biking... in the mountains...

Around fifty miles over two days with about 7,500 feet of vert.  Five whole weeks of Shart Tarck were closer to forty five miles... and 1,500 feet.  So not the same same.

This.  It's what I need more of... like a lot more.  Sooooo good for the soul (or whatever spiritual essence I have).  Legs sore but batteries recharged and time to start extending myself into 2021.

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