Thursday, June 10

What now?


Back from Trans-Sylvania Epic and back to normal life.

No more playing in the woods with my little frandSS.  Just work and then no work.

Mebbe I picked a good week to be injured...

Oh yeah, Sunday with Bill Nye in the Pisgah.  Doing my favorite loops in North Mills.  I went down in a pretty big heap at the top of the second descent of the day.  One of those "let me lay here and assess the damage first" kinda ways.  Doinked my head, yoinked my pinky finger, and boinked my left calf on some dead fall.

I refused Bill Nye's offer of some ibuprofen (when I finally caught up to him), but two descents later, I was all in.  The rest of the ride was in the tolerable zone.

Woke up Monday morning with a very angry hand.

Kinda bummed as I'm going into the second to last week of every other week off due to COVID times at work.  As of June 28th, I'll be working full time again.  I had "plans" for this week, but now I'm just trying to keep my hand from bumping into things.

At least it's hot and muggy with pop up thunderstorms so pretty I'm pretty much the fox and being outside is the sour grapes here.

I signed up for another thing.

The ironically named Rocky River Shiver.  Being that it's August in Charlotte, pretty much hotter than Satan's asshole, I assume the shivering will start when the heat stroke kicks in.  Anyways, three laps at a sorta-local trail that whenever I ride it, I'm hard pressed to go out for two whole laps.  It's really some great trail, but it's a beat down with some insanely steep, long (for Charlotte) climbs and loads of technical bits.  All you gotta do is finish the race to get your share of the prize purse, so the potential of leaving with cash in your pocket is 100 times more likely than if you did something like... say the Unbound Gravel race?

Oh... and there's free beer... but on a Sunday... and I have to drive... so there's that.

And it's right before Breck Epic, so hopefully it doesn't crush my spirits too much.  If you're looking for a cheap challenge (and I mean CHALLENGE), go get signed up.  It's over half sold out already.

Honestly, I'm just sitting on the couch listening to my tinnitus and daydreaming about being outside on my mountain bike and wondering what normal people do all day with their free time.  My bikes are ship shape, the yard deserves no more attention than it's gotten from me already, and if I do one more greenway ride...

Who am I kidding?  Greenway rides are still greater than no ride so ok.

Rides like these, AKA Sad Dads.  It's just like riding a bike, just not as much "fun."

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