Wednesday, July 28

The Van with One Red Shoe 1/3 Tour: Pt 3

Sitting around Matt's house that night, I did what I could to not ruin everything.  Matt offered to do a boat float down the Colorado River with us the next day, and the idea of drinking beer in the sun sounded a lot better than just getting in the van and driving eastward.  He also generously tossed a set of XT eleven speed wheels in my direction so that when I got home, I could get all my bikes rolling again in short order.

At least that made me happy.  I have "plans."

I woke up the next day feeling like so much ass.  I could barely get outta bed without a fair amount of head scratching and rolling around and grabbing things.  After a breakfast smoothie and a four ibuprofen, I was ready to go for a float.

Our fearless captain and the castaway.

Me... looking for... hope?

To be honest, aside from the discomfort and occasional sadness that would creep in when I started thinking about the things I'd planned on doing in the next few weeks, it was pleasant to just be on "vacation."  I was forced to pump the brakes, and it wasn't all that bad.

The float had to come to an end tho...

Me, guarding the vessels from river scavengers and being a general ne'er do well.

Bill Nye and I woke up Sunday and started heading home.


We drove up to Black Hawk so Bill Nye could ride as much of the Maryland Mountain Quartz Valley Park trails as his broke ass toe could tolerate.  While he was out riding, I got to enjoy my second favorite hobby, ORGANIZING.  

The van had turned into quite the shit show, what with all the bike parts, luggage, and gear, so I spent an hour moving, shoving, and packing things as best I could to make the next two days of living on the road tolerable.  

Ahhh... vacations.

Bill Nye rocked out a ten mile, toe-thumping ride, and then we hit the road... having to drag out the drive over two nights to make logistical sense out of the whole thing.  Long story, but it's just how we had to do it.

Whilst driving home, I noticed that Matt had posted to the Plunge to Palisade Instagram. 

To plunge or not to plunge... do tell.

Just the lower segment on its own is a hard day.  I can't imagine how exhausted I woulda been if I'd ridden an additional fifteen miles in the hot sun before our ride (and my long walk).

Exposure.  I hate it.  There is a dynamic shit load of it.  I'm glad I saw it.  It's a one and done for me, if only for the fact that I'm not at all comfortable with it.  What do you want?  I fell in a well pit as a child, and had to wait in the darkness for someone to find me.  I've been affected.

Sand.  I'm usually comfortable riding on/through sand.  I've had plenty of experience with it.  Matt warned me, and it still took me out (and is probably going to mess with an entire month of my happiness).

Be prepared.  When he says there are NO BAIL OUTS, he means it.  That long walk I took was the "easy way out."  I had enough food and water, but since I'd lost my self-care desires, I didn't bother with it.  That said, do not kid yourself.  This is no Whole Enchilada.

Matt warned me.  I "rode" it anyways, just because if something is over my head that doesn't mean that I don't wanna see it... even if I can't ride it.  I was still caught off guard in what seemed like a most innocuous manner.  

I'd say "lesson learned," but I don't know if I didn't really do "lessons," and I'm not too good at learning things either.

Go.  Have a blast... if this sounds like your cup of tea.

Don't invite me tho.  It's not the trail.  It's me.

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hellbelly said...

Nate Hill and co make the Plunge look like a hoot here however it doesn't hurt that he's a badass rider and the camera dilutes much of the burliness you would encounter irl. It's unfortunate that yr squishy bike wasn't working as I think it would have provided some more safety and confidence out there. A number of riders have noted that in really technical descents having a heavier bike is a confidence booster. I know that I would want to be on the burliest tank of bike I have for that kind of crazy. Glad yr mostly okay.