Thursday, July 8

(un)Perfect Timing

Not only did I buy a new squishy shifty bike just a few days before going back to being a 9-5 Monday through Friday full time bike messenger schlub who no longer has every other week off with nothing to do but ride bikes, I managed to mistime a few other things.  On the very same day that I found out I was purchasing a new mountain bike, I was perusing the Maxxis grassroots to see what was in stock, being that July was the start of the second half of the "season."

qu'Est-ce que c'est?

I don't know when the 2.8 version of the Rekon(+) came out.  I recently (a year and a half ago?) went from a Rekon 2.6 and jumped over to the Forekaster 2.6 only occasionally mounting my DHR+ 3.0 for shits and absolute giggles.  Despite owning a fully capable bike now, I still intend to do Breck Epic on my turgid SS.  It was only available in the 60TPI non-3C compound (woulda preferred the lighter/stickier 120TPI 3C), but I need to get some riding in before Breck to see if this is the tire... although I plan on doing quite a bit of shifting and squishing in the near future... so when am I gonna do that?  So stoked to have another chubby option in my rubber quiver.

That's only mounted on a 28mm rim and not the suggested minimum width of 39mm, but it's also suggested that you shouldn't eat a whole can of Pringles® in on sitting so whatever.  And yeth, I became the proud owner of a set of cheap calipers so I can answer dumb questions on MTBR.

Another poorly timed acquisition?

Not the Wahoo, but the new UTF Multi-Mount from Topeak.  That's a shitty picture but I knew I'd be able to rip a better one from the internet.

Why is this thing perfectly late to my life?  Well, as I said, I'm no longer working every other week, so I'm spending less time riding.  With fewer days off, mountain biking will be my first choice any time I can squeeze it in, so my garvel bike will be collecting dust for awhile.  That said, this allowed me to tidily mount a daytime running light (SAFETY FIRST) under my Wahoo.

And as you can see in the image I pulled from the Topeak site, you can mount up your GoPro to get all that garvel action footie to make sick edits... but more than likely just capture footage of drivers being assholes for use in insurance claims.

Womp womp.

Anyways, it's a sturdy and space saving way to mount stuff to your bars, and if people like anything about garvel, it's about attaching as many bags and gadgets and gizmos to them as possible.

Now to try and convince myself to grab the turgid SS and run into obstacles trying to figure out the correct tire pressure for my tweener fatty tire.

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Anonymous said...

New bike will eventually be SS, correct? Like all the other ded SS Epics?