Thursday, August 5

Game over, man

Since I asked and some yinz answered, here's what ch-ch-ch-changed.

The new (and mebbe slightly used) parts that went on:

* Easton 50mm stem (discontinued)
Race Face SixC 785mm lo-rise bars
PNW Loam drooper lever (I Spec II mounted)
* XT M8000 (older generation) single piston brakes with TruckerCo pads
* XT RT 86 rotors
TruckerCo ti rotor bolts
Industry Nine Hydra Trail 280C 24 hole wheels
Maxxis Aspen 2.4 tires
TruckerCo Cream II tire sealant
Cane Creek Hellbender 70 bottom bracket
* Ergon SMR3 carbon railed saddle (discontinued?)
PNW Loam 170mm drooper
Race Face Next R cranks
* Specialized Z cage (it came stock with only one cage)
Wolftooth MM IS II shifty bit mount
* New droopy cable
* I did bolt a spare UDH rear gorilla hanger to the bottom of one of the Z cages, and since the bike didn't come with pedals, I didn't know if I could actually count the Shimano pedals as a "change"... but they're not technically stock...
* Obvs I got my spare flat bits Awesome Strapped to the saddle

I wouldn't have counted those last coupla bits, but you'll see why I bothered later.

Stock bits and whatnot that remain:

* Epic EVO frame w/Rock Shox squishy bit
* Rock Shox SID Select+ fork (FOX Stepcast 34 I want is not in stock, so this gonna have to do)
* Unnnhhh... a head set... and some crabon spacers
* Specialized Z cage (stock) with a SWAT tool
* SRAM XO1 shifty bits, XG cassette, GX chain, some kinda housing, and cables
* Specialized Trail Grips (I want other grips... but I got lazy)
* Specialized seat binder (it works... why bother swapping?)

I don't know how you "count" those parts up number-wise, but Will ripped the whole game apart on Facebook.

Jeebus.  I feel stalked.  

Anyways, happy happy joy joy and time to get back to healing up and staring at bikes.


Russell said...

Looking for Black SC34 or Orange You Glad its Orange SC34?

dicky said...

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana Orange SC 34... like the one I sold just about one year ago... except 2022.