Tuesday, June 28

I eat free food like there's no tomorrow

Well, the hell with it.  I guess it's time to stop...

I have a suit (for the purposes that I wear for special occasions like funerals, job interviews, inner-reflecting... and for the purposes of this joke.

I'm leaving for The Only Race That Matters™ (not really) this Thursday.  The event used to have what we'll call a "name," but for the sake of its ability to continue in perpetuity, it's as nameless as my nights are sleepless lately.

During this five day, two-wheeled spectacular, there's still a "road day" to contend with.  To be honest, that's still not my bag, baby. 

I've avoided it my last two times up there by volunteering and whatnot, but I mighta got a loaner bike from Putter that's appropriate for 90-100 miles of mixed terrain that was the end result of too many beers and a bad idea that fell outta my mouth at a Bike Source party last Friday.  I've ridden it all of forty miles over the weekend, and although my left knee feels a wee bit twingy for some strange reason, I'm just gonna take it and make a game day decision as to whether or not I'm slumming around and turning pedals for eight hours or slinging pickles and sammies at starving, shirtless athletes.

My participation in this event also muddies a couple other goals I have set for myself in the coming months.  I haven't really shared these goals with the class, as I have a tendency to be even more self-sabotaging once others are aware of my behavior and intent, and we can all share in my disappoint at some time later anyways.

This will (based on past experiences) be fun.

It will be a good use of vacation time.

So looking forward to unplugging.

I like riding bike cycles.

I miss my little frands.

Other reasons.


I'll be back sometime next week... I guess?

Somebody remind me to review that Tubolight tire insert when I get back... eventually, because if I'm ever gonna get a flat with it, it will be this week (it made it through TSE BTW).

SPOILER ALERT: It worked much better with both tire beads installed on the rim.

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