Thursday, July 21

Moving along

Like I said, doing the The Only Race That Matters™ (not really) didn't really line up with a couple goals that I set for myself (which I'm still not ready to share with the class).  It was an anticipated setback in one arena, but by only participating as an interloping poacher, I'm pretty sure I negated the adverse effects in the other.

It did halp me get back into the world of being a "single speeder" again.  I'd been doing so much switch-hitting between many gears and just one (at a time) that while I'd gained a little bit of skill in spinning the shifties, I'd lost a tick of my SS natural state that I used to take for granted.  The first day at the Tour de B**g, I didn't feel my stand up sticks were working for me.  By the last day, it all sorta felt normal, and the hike-a-bike sections on the last day reminded me that my legs do that too.  Important to remember since I'll be walking all over the mountains surrounding the Breckenridge area in less than a month. 

That's what this is all about... at least right now.  I've even swapped The Fastest Bike in the World over from 48X19 to 48X17 for commuting and workings.  I'm still an advocate for the shorter gearing in the CLT for acceleration, slowing down, and any actual maximum speed you can get around here, but the taller gear will get me standing more, so halpful?  Mebbe?

The plan now is to ride all the mountain bike cycling rides from now until the Shenandoah Mountain 100 (K sport class) on this:

Which isn't always gonna be for the best.  I'm supposed to "play" bikes for a frands berfday this weekend... at Rocky Branch... which is jumpy and playful more than XC and endurance'ish.  Then the next week is the Snowshoe World Cup... which means all there is to ride is the forgotten (shite) XC trails that are all janky and better suited to any other bike I have, and I'll have to get up and out early with a foggy brain to do any riding at all.  Then there's just one weekend to go before leaving for Breck.

Ob-la-di, I guess.

Speaking of guessing, over/under on whether or not this 2.6 Minion DHF is gonna fit in my non-boost 32 Stepcast? 

Ima gonna find out because I gotta know before I leave for Breck.  I'll take all the tire I can get so mebbe I can stay on the trail this time.  This past week marks the one year out from my summer injury number one on Palisade Plunge, and I'm looking forward to getting past the one year since my Breck Wreck™ in a few weeks.  Those were some dark dicky moments.

And for all the haters in da club, I have passed the one year mark of owning a full suspension geared bike.

Sure it's been hanging on the wall in The Pie RN's office since June 19th, but I don't think anyone who had a bet in the Dead Pool made out very well.  

Pretty sure this makes her look more "adventurous" on her Zoom calls.

I'm very much looking forward to some lazy, squishy riding this fall, especially with that 2.6 tire up front.  I've had my eye on it for months and was finally able to get my hands on one.  It's gonna be a great off-"seasons."

So who's got the bets outside the first year window?

*  PS: It do.


Unknown said...

Per your instructions “Somebody remind me to review that Tubolight tire insert when I get back” from the only race that matters. So here is the reminder. But since you don’t post on fridays, I’m guessing by the time the next post comes you’ll need another reminder.

Anonymous said...

Sinkhole has a sign? WTF Why the hell would somebody do that?