Thursday, August 11

I'm not always grumpy

Just putting it this out there, because it's been playing over and over in my head for awhile now.

It seems prudent that I at least acknowledge how fortunate I feel right now.  Fifty two weeks ago, I was less than a month into healing up from one of the worst wrecks I've ever experienced.  I was still having to strategize my movements to get in and out of bed in the least painful manner possible (a tucked-in fitted sheet can offer up a decent amount of leverage).  There was a constant stream of ibuprofen in my system... except for in the wee hours of the morning when it was noticeably absent.  Commuting and working sucked, and mountain biking was off the table.  I headed off to Breckenridge anyways.  I'd been having The Pie put random amounts pain relieving salves and K Tape on my back as a panacea to unsuccessfully  ward off all the pain that wrapped around half my torso.  I had no business being at the Breck Epic, and my inability to really handle a bike in my compromised condition combined with my fear of falling pretty much put me back on the floor two days in... making my current injury worse and creating a couple new ones to deal with as well.

It took months (5? 6?) to get to the point where I didn't feel the remnants of either wreck in my torso, shoulder, forearm, calf, or foot/ankle, and along the way, I made a decent amount of poor decisions.  It's taken a lot of time to get my nerve back on descents as well, but I'm probably 95% there.

I'm so happy to be riding my bike pain free and living my best life.  I know I come off as a tiny curmudgeon, but it's not beyond me to be thankful for my health and continued ability to do the one thing that brings me so much joy.

So there's that.

The one and only time every year I want to have anything to do with professional healthcare.  Look in most of my orifices, ask me pointless questions, steal some of my blood, and call me later.

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