Thursday, October 27

Whats I appreciates about you

I promised more, so here's more.

Firstly, Stephen and I discussed tire pressure whilst sipping our post-race bevies.  He said his tires felt kinda hard in the latter part of the day... and I membered that I checked mine that morning when it was 27° outside.  How much could the "heat of the day" increase our tire pressures over six or so hours and a 40° swing?

Stephen went back to his truck and grabbed his gauge.  He started at 24 & 22 PSI and ended with 30 & 28 PSI.  Me? I started my 17.5 & 22 PSI and ended with 21 &... 14PSI?

Huh.  I thought things felt a little Squirrely Dan back there coming down Black Mountain.

And for what it's worth, I found a little wet spot on the tire and once again, I'm so glad that I stick with TruckerCo Cream II.  It has saved my ass so many times now and not done the sad "pffffffft, pfffffft, pfffffft spray paint your bike with sticky goo" thing.  I'm anxious to take a look inside the tire and see the clot, but not so anxious that I'm gonna get around to it any time soon.  While I did take the time to replace the broken crabon lever (because my head can't handle having a broken bike on the wall), I'm not riding this bike in the near future. 

This is the second crabon lever I've had to replace on these brakes, and if you only do it every five or so years, orientating the springs and wiggling that axle pivot do-dad into place can be a two beer repair... to include multiple walks away from the bench to gather myself, time spent crawling on the floor with a flashlight looking for the spring I dropped, and a panic-riddled moment or two trying to get the spring back into the lever.

The AXS bleep bloop shifting is on the Epic EVO now, and it's time to take a break after four straight months of nothing but single speeding.  I'm calling it a "vacation" from now until sometime in March when it will be time to get stupid once again.

Obvs, I'll be stupid sometime in the interim.  It's what I do.

I set a bunch of PRs (on climbs and descents) at the Pisgah 55.5 "k" over last year's performance on the Vassago Meatplow V.9, but I'm sure a lot of that had to do with the fact that I was still getting over my two injuries and a case of the shakes way back in 2021.  That said, I was only fifty five seconds faster than last year (one second for each theoretical "k")... so whatever that all means... other than proving the pure and simple futility of staring at data and having no idea what to do with it.  

Fifty five seconds?  You gotta be shitting me...

Or was I checking to see if I bought five entries into the G5 Trail Collective raffle or fifty?

I don't member.

Happy to have the "season" behind me.  Stoked thinking about the next.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the psi tip. Embarrassed to say but while I knew this was a factor in my cars tires, it never even occurred to me in bike tires. Now I know why riding feels so much "harder" and I get sloppier on long rides that start in cooler weather as the day wears on. (Although my reality is likely that I'm just weak, but at least now I have this little nugget to pull put of my excuse arsenal. 😀)