Thursday, January 19

Fiddling While Rome Burns

Despite feeling like a dour, humorless, small old man at the moment (for no particular reason), it's time to speak of better times.  Funshine is right around the corner.

Sorry not sorry for the shoddy MS Paint work.  There's just no way in hell I'm climbing up into my attic, getting into a faceoff with a rabid squirrel, an bringing down my super computer and do something better with Photoshop '07.

As far as I can tell, this will be the fifth edition of the Watts Fappening.

The first year was 2015.
It was actually possible to ride to every brewery in Charlotte and drink a pint back then.  We failed, but it was more about the fact that we had a beer at lunch before we started, and then mebbe had a couple of pints at more than one stop... then lost interest in the whole matter one stop shy of being winners.  There's always next year, emmaright? 

We took another swing in 2016.

For the wheels to fall off the bus, they need to be attached first.  We had wheels but no bus and much debauchery occurred.  Our first three watering holes were all within seeing distance of each other and one was a distillery.  Then we started skipping stops because while they're still wasn't way too many breweries, the influx of people who took up day drinking as a hobby crowded up some of our planned destinations.

It looks like we skipped a year.  I dunno why that happened.  It's like 2017 didn't exist.

In 2018 we were back.  I dunno why that happened either.  

It was like we forgot how to Fap.  We were at a Baby and Me brunch at a brewery, then a dive bar... pizza was magically part of the day.  We ended up at the tavern in my neighborhood, which makes for an easy commute home... which was nice.

If only we'd only known that 2019 was gonna be the last year ever...

Checking the archives, it was a year to remember if only we could.  I'm still dealing with the shame.

Obvs 2020 happened and we of course didn't Fap.  Then 2021 came and also went. 


Apathy and old age.  The inability to prioritize such nonsense.

But we're back in 2023, for better or worse.  More details to come... I'm pretty sure... kinda.  The Planning Committee is planning on doing some planning.

Up this weekend is the Winter Shart Tarck Race Series #1.  The weather is looking shite.  Cold rain.  Recently, my mood has been all over the place quite randomly from the highest of highs (that I'm capable of) to the lowest of mine own lows.  One minute I feel happy, and the next, I'm wondering why I felt that pleasant sixty seconds ago... because I don't anymore... and I'd like it come back.  So the interesting thing will be which me shows up to the line on Sunday.  The "me" that leans into terrible conditions fueled by the misery of others or the "me" that doubts all my life decisions, starts planning an immediate withdrawal from all planned events and future blogging, and wonders if anyone would notice if I just went back to the car after the first lap.

Random is as random does.

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