Tuesday, February 21

It's coming...

I'll get to the final race of the Winter Shart Tarck later, but for now, just a reminder that this is fhappening Saturday:

Starting at 3:00PM at Lower Left Brewing (or 2:30PM from my house), we'll be doing a similar sordid affair as we have in the past.  If all goes as planned (it won't), we'll be headed to Triple C next, Weathered Souls (or Resident Culture if that can't work for "reasons"... strange things are afoot at the Circle K), then to the north to Fonta Flora and Birdsong, on to the east for Spoke Easy and Devil's Logic (if we can make it by closing)... and then if anyone is interested in going deep into the night and eating fried pickles, we'll be diving into Lucky Lou's to catch some karaoke.  

To be honest, we've put the least amount of effort into this one, because for the most part, it's just a chance for some frands to hang out and mebbe some others to join.  It will also serve as a brain storming session with Watts for PMBAR '23.  I might use this as an opportunity to finally convince him (while his brain is going mushy) to let us use front suspension parts on our single speeds to mebbe go a little faster?  

I'm hoping for the best.  I'm prepared for the worst.*

After this, life gets to finally go back to my normal, and I can focus on getting back to Pisgah on the more regular, squeezing in some longer rides, and preparing this aging physical mass of mine for the "season."

There is currently a chance of rain.  We've done this in the drizzle before.  Don't know what we'll do this year.  Hopefully you're my FB frand, and I can post an update there is we get rained out.

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