Wednesday, March 22

I still believe

Hopefully you didn't come here for my hot take on SRAM's new Transmission™, because I don't have one.

This weekend, it's time for the...

Huh.  Already?

I'll be back for the third time.  Granted, I should be preparing my body for the Pisgah Stage Race in less (fewer?) than three weeks, but alas, I'm weak.  Last weekend, I thought I'd be getting to the big hills of WNC twice while The Pie was outta town, but all the usually suspect frands of mine were busy.  I don't like driving all that way listening to podcasts and dwelling on the futility of existence in order to entertain myself with bike cycling, so I spent the weekend in a much more low key manner.  A local twenty mile ride that somehow had 2,500 feet of climbing followed by an in-town poker ride (where I won a tiny hat playing some basketball game... which is a skill I guess I gave up by not touching a basketball more than five times since the '90s?).  The next day I spent my morning almost balls deep in the Little Sugar Creek in a pair of waders doing a creek cleanup with Ales and Trails, followed by another twenty mile ride with only 1,700 feet of climbing. 

Some riding > no riding, I guess.

The Triple Dip is "some riding."  I'm anticipating 25-30 miles at either a snail's pace or a mad spin to stay with the back of the group on my single speed broken up by four, five, or six short'ish stages at nearly maximal effort.  We'll be out there the better part of the day.  I expect to consume one entire cold pizza, one hot dog, and a few beers to get through the entire event (I think you lose points if you get caught eating something nutritious).

I'll be returning with my slightly modified champion's trophy from last year.

There are other modifications, but I'd like there to be some surprise this weekend.

I don't expect to bring it back home with me.  Whilst I will put on a moderate show of strength, I don't wanna get injured getting all argy bargy with the "tryers" this close to the stage race... but I will be on the lookout for the bonus monkeys in the woods and taking as many points as I can in the tops-off last stage.


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