Wednesday, June 14

It takes a village

FWIW: I'm planning an event/non-event.  By "I," I mean me and mebbe some others.  By event/non-event, I mean it will be something that will be planned to happen on a predetermined day, have some loose organization, zero insurance, zero permits, and more or less something of a route.

This event/non-event will be loosely based on the Mountain Cat 100 that I did a couple weeks ago.  The loosely part being that there will be a GPX route that each rider can follow and no course markings aside from posted trail signs.  It will use legit trails, greenways, a few neighborhood roads, my front yard, and some bootleg'ish stuff.  It will mebbe be a 100, not miles but kilometers.  I don't think there will be any on-course aid, but who knows?  There's at least a water fountain or two on course and a bottle shop.  It's not so much of a race, and more just a big dumb thing.  In order to have an official finish, a full route file will have to be provided to me (or organized others) when they are done.  There may be beers in my yard afterward... strong emphasis on "may."

September or October is what I'm thinking.  Some time when if a rain might cause us to postpone, the next weekend will be available.  Looking over my shoulder at the calendar and there's not a whole lotta possibilities for back-to-back weekends, so the postpone date might have to be two weeks later.  Those months are pretty jammed up with Shenandoah Mountain 100, The Treeshaker, Pisgah Monster Cross, King and Queen of the Watershed, Pisgah 111/55.5k, Fonta Flora Barnburner...

Someone tell me why I've got nothing going on for months and months this summer and than a packed fall to choose from?

It would be easier to squeeze this in over the next two and half months when there's little going on, but it will require some planning.  Also, I'm trying to prioritize riding the whole route at least once before the actual event/non-event.

I'm not giving too much away by saying it's gonna include ALL of the Backyard Trails, Park Road Park, Little Sugar Creek Greenway, the abandoned golf cart paths, and probably at least one other system.

This is my excuse to "get back on my shit."  I kinda fell apart after getting sick and missing TSE.  I gained weight, rode less, and I'm still enjoying an occasional coughing spell.  With no goals or more pressing matters between now and a trip out west in August, this should consume my brain and motivate me to ride... some more?

And TBH, if this just turns into something dumb that me and some frands so, I'm good with that as well.

It's my three day birthday weekend starting Saturday, and with nothing else planned (and assuming the trails are open) and a proper route in hand (thanks, Dr Mike), I might just celebrate my 54th with 54 miles (and then also ride the remaining 7 miles so I end up back home).

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