Wednesday, August 2

Deep Fried Chicken

Gads.  The heat.  Is there any other topic worth talking about?  Probably, but it's what I think about 75% of the time, enough so that I had a dream I was riding my bike wearing a Winnie the Pooh ensemble a couple nights ago.

FWIW I had mine own ass handed to me twice this past weekend.  While I'd been feeling quite acclimated to the heat after a rather mild June that led straight into a brain-fryer July, I guess while I'm mebbe "acclimated," I'm not "superhuman."

Saturday's ride ended with this, but it was a personal journey to get here.  I was soaked long before I ever got in the water, and I definitely felt like the tank was on empty twenty one miles into a thirty mile ride. 

I rode with a frand on Sunday who'd been recently talking on social media about how the heat has been hitting him pretty hard.  It's hard to accept that your body's gonna be strained just getting normal things done outside, despite all the cool adaptations it can do on its own to make life better in the heat.  That said, despite a positive attitude and proper acclimatization, it can be difficult to settle into your room at the Humble Hotel.  It takes a toll, and you have to respect it.  Drink (not beer).  Sleep (more).  Recover (better).  Drink (some more... still not beer).

And you may ask yourself, "what have I done to deserve this?"

What are the other options?  Jump on a trainer?  Unless I can install a meat locker in my house, it's just as miserable.  Give up?  I'm not quite there yet.  

I've launched a quest to find the absolute best cycling garb for hot and humid conditions.  I'm "testing" different types of cargo bibs and dumping the SWAT bib/lightweight Humbles™ (AKA baggies or over-shorts) until temps get back in the LOW 80° range.  Typical race cut jerseys are super clingy when drenched, so I'm also looking into ways to increase airflow over my upper body while still protecting the skin that never sees the light of day, that being neck to crack, shoulder to shoulder.  My timing is truly magical, as I'm sure to have this all figured out just in time for Fall (not the date on the calendar, but that actual moment when it feels like Fall).  Mebbe I'll get the chance to share with the class when I'm all said and done.

Anyways, all of this to stay in shape for what exactly?

Oh yeah.  Life.

Because I'm not really ready for the other option.

Speaking of things to do in Charlotte if you're still on this side of the soil, another Horny Cat 69 semi-pre-ride took place... not because I needed to do it, but because I enjoy riding in the nether regions of South Carolina.  The pace of people joining in has slowed like I kinda figured it would, but I'm hoping our numbers will grow closer to the actual ride.  We've got enough to make great party, but there's a fair number of people that I ACTUALLY KNOW that should totally get in on this.  It's a low risk/high reward weekend IMHOMO, and with the cancelation of the Rocky River Shiver, this is probably one of the most challenging things around (aside from the somehow still poorly executed Whole Enchilada).

So here's your weekly'esque reminder to read over the original post or head over to the Facebook event page and give it some consideration.  

You won't regret it (right away).


Michael Scott Long said...

With 10-20% humidity in Richland (WA) by late evening, biking is comfy/fun even on the hottest days, even when it was 118 F midday. I'm not sure how I'd adapt to the humid southeast again.

flying_sqrl said...

I’ve been wearing Patagonia’s Men's Capilene Cool Trail Bike Henley in the heat and humidity. I’m talking 85 degrees plus with humidity 60 plus. It has been superlative. After washing and hanging to dry outside, it’s cool to the touch.
They also make a less expensive Capilene Cool Trail shirt but I found the neck was too snug.