Tuesday, August 29

Well, I'm a badass Cowboy livin' in the Cowboy days

Mild Mild West Tour '23.  Called so quite intentionally.  Instead of our usual drive all over the west to major destinations and big shuttle rides, we kept the van time to a minimum and explored some lesser famous stuff... and also made up about 2/3 of the trip as we went along.

For example...

We were gonna ride White Ranch at the start of our trip, but that got poo-poo'ed.  Didn't matter much to me.  I'm willing to defer to the locals.  We ended up at Lair 'o the Bear and Floyd Hill.

Low hanging fruit, but it still tasted fine.

Take a bowl, leave a bowl program alive and well at Floyd Hill.

We only had once thing "scheduled" all week long.  We needed to get up with Scott for a true backcountry ride on Sourdough.  Met at a brewery, slept in the woods, woke up next to the trailhead.

Stout.  That's all I can say.  The climbing was as technical as the downhill.  Footballs, microwaves, baby heads, Hormel canned hams...

It was some slow rolling until we had gravity assisting our forward progress.

This is a great place to test equipment.  100%.  Now I'll have to sell this as "slightly used."

The best way I can describe the descent down the St Vrain Trail would be thusly.  If you've ever done the Breck Epic and you member that descent that gets all the east coasters' underwear tight/moist, this was like that... times a factor of three.  

Terriers will never know the joy that can be had here.

We climbed the road back to camp, and Scott and Chad went back to their respective families.  Bill Nye and I had come up with a game plan for the next two days that didn't require us to leave out immediately, so we took a walk to a lake (that was on private property, oops).

Trespassers coming the other way warned us about quicksand.  I was excite.

My Gilligan's Island expectations were met with rather disappointing results.  I did feel like my life was in peril for a couple seconds tho.

So another night, another campfire with found wood dragged back from our hike, and another hole dug to poop in.

We picked the trails near Nederland for our next adventure.  It was a fine stopping point on our journey to Trestle Bike Park, so it meshed in well with our plan... that was running slowly outta actual plans.

Picked some random MTB Project route and adapted it to our needs.

We farted around a lot on the front end after addressing a sad drooper post.

And then we found ourselves on the wrong trail in terms of what we thought we were gonna do, but it got us where we wanted to go eventually, and the ride down Schoolbus was a hoot... followed by a slog back to the van.

Which we then put our unbathed persons into and drove to Trestle Bike Park to enjoy an evening camping in the parking lot with the generator generation.

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