Wednesday, October 4

That did not pan out

I'm back on the mountain bike.  Sorta.  Kinda.

Despite putting myself on my back foot by attending a day long Oktoberfest bar crawl on Saturday that was way more crawl than bar, I arose from my chambers Sunday morning prepared to hit dirt once again.  Sadly, whilst I was 42.0% prepared physically and 69% mentally, my bike was truly not prepared at all.

I had to go back and look at my STRAVA to figure out that I hadn't ridden this bike since Colorado...

and those two or so fateful minutes at the Horny Cat 69 three weeks ago.

Good news, bad news, good news (or vice versa or versa vice).

Sometimes (often?) I work on my bike upside down.  At me.

My brakes were oddly either contaminated or terribly glazed over.  They were perfectly fine in Colorado for seven or eight days of riding a month ago but no buenos on Sunday. Oddly enough, I kinda remember that the first time I rode down that slight incline I wrecked on that something didn't feel quite right.

This past Sunday... I knew nothing was right in the world.  

Try and give 'er and haul back on the lever and just about nothing.  Well, not just nothing.  Quite a godawful racket, but not a whole lotta slowing down.  So it was a pretty nervous sub-twenty mile ride of dragging my what I'll loosely call "brakes" way before going into a corner hoping to slow down enough to be able to avoid getting super yoinky and bouncing off trees.  Considering my condition and still feeling a little PTSD from my last ride on this bike, I can't say the ride was entirely fun.

But I lived, so there's that... even though I forgot rides require calories and I had none of those.

So anways, fixing my brakes and going over all the other ignored bikes before hopefully heading to the King and Queen of the Watershed this weekend with Watts to do that thing we do.  Granted, my expectations of making great bike race were low at best before I tried to rip my knee cap off, so let's just cross our fingers and hope I can keep the rubber side down and my bendy parts out of the dirt.

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