Tuesday, February 20

Winter Shart Tarck '24: Race Five Predumble - What's Eating Dickbert Grape?

Obvs I ain't been totally "with it" lately.  My mind elsewhere.  Apology.

Long story short... *

* and now edited because it felt good to share for a bit, but now I've put most of the post in the bin.

So a lack of sleep, strong set of poor coping skills, a passionate desire to solve all the problems immediately, and a tendency to catastrophize everything while doing the ass-opposite of stress eating (not eating) has left me with an empty gas tank.  I had two very terrible runs at the end of last week, lots of staring off into space, and lack of desire to plan more than twenty four hours into the future.

Saturday, not wanting the "same old same old," I talked Dr Mike into going to Mountain Island Lake Park.  I'd only been there once, it was closed for a good bit, and now there's a bunch of new trails and features.  It sounded stimulating.

Not an action photo because I wanted Dr Mike to stand there for scale.  I'd seen pictures of this feature on FaceBook that made it look smol, but it is definitely STIL and BTIL.

From FaceBook... it looked miniature.

Anyhoo, we only rode about ten miles.  With the more interesting parts of the trail super-loaded with steep climbs, and my body revolting and my brain not necessarily focused on the task at hand, that was enough.  I couldn't really get my heart rate up (that will make more sense after the next post), so I was fine with calling it a day, satisfied that I got to see all the new stuff and say, "yes, that was very much new-to-me stuff."


This too shall pass... or everything is going to be okay...

I've heard it enough recently. 

Everything will be okay until it's not okay and just put that on repeat until you realize it always ends with not okay but still mebbe okay.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts for mom. Eat good, keep rollin Dicky!

RK said...

You’re not alone Rich. My mom’s not quite at the assisted living stage yet, but there’s been enough surgeries and caregiver time and such that I certainly identify with what you wrote.