Tuesday, February 6

Winter Shart Tarck '24: Race Three Predumble

Not much to say this time.  The Pie was outta town for ten days, leaving me in charge of me to make good decisions... for me.  I went out a few times and had beers that cost more than what beers should cost.  I squoze in three runs, one being the longest I've been on yet, and with a bunch of best efforts (according to STRAVA).  I'm not fast, but I'm getting faster.  It was a good week that culminated with this:

Best to have all your mechanicals before leaving the parking lot.  Parts falling outta Burke's fork, loose cleats on new shoes, a cog swap, a wheel that fell out... the usual.  Still not as bad as what happened on the ride I didn't go on that day in Wilson Creek with seventeen mechanicals between nine riders that resulted in a six hour ride with three hours moving time... so I'll take this over that... even if it serves up weaker blerhg fodder.

Burke's first trip to ride DuPont, well at least the trails anyways.  He's more of a garvel guy.  Hard to overemphasize just how slippery the crossing at Corn Mill Shoals is to the uninitiated.  Even more so when the water is up. 

I left my knee pads on.  Regret.

It was a right proper DuPont loop, with all the flow up front and all the gnar at the end when you're tired and your feet are wet and cold.

The ride served its purpose.  Fun was had, and I'd promised myself that I wouldn't let a race on Sunday impact my desire for happy fun times on Saturday.  That said, despite my desire to normally "get some" on some of my favorite climbs, I kept my ego (and heart rate) in check.

I never see those kinds of numbers on a mountain bike ride, especially in the mountains.  Considering that it's already been announced that this Sunday's race will be double points, we'll see if I did a smart or a dumb thing.

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