Monday, June 17

Bird Dung in My Hand

Huh.  I needed to decide which bike to take on the van life adventure with Bill Nye next week.  

But I created my own problem.

I think I might want to go to Tour de Burg when I get back.  

But whatever bike I choose to ride on our trip will remain in the back of his van for awhile as he continues van-lifing around for a bit after I fly back from Bentonville.  Whatever bike I take on the trip, I can't have at Le Tour (viva).  I prefer my Radimus Meatplow V.... 8?  9?  (I can't remember and don't wanna look it up), but that's the bike I'm most comfortable on in the gnar and fun stuff.  I've said it before.  It's the bike that gives me the greatest joy when overall speed and efficiency aren't the goals.

So, I planned on taking the Epic EVO SS on the trip, mostly because it's the most "versatile," or so I thought, thus leaving the Radimus available for Le Tour (viva).

Run-on much?

Before this weekend, it had only seen forty miles in 2024, all in single speed mode.  Now?

I doubled the mileage this past weekend...

And I think I mighta decided to don't want this bike much anymore.

It's a great bike.  One of the fastest geared bikes I've ever had the joy to pedal.  So many PRs set and all my KOMs on STRAVA (if you believe STRAVA *cough* bullshit).  That said, outside of the trip to Colorado last year, I still don't feel the need or want or desire for gears 99% of the time.  The squish part is nice, except when it isn't.  This is the longest I would have ever held on to a full suspension bike since the 26" wheel days. so there's that.

So, poop.  Terrible time for rash decisions.  Seems odd that on my 55th birthday (today) the thing I want the most is one less bike... or at least a different bike... but that's another story.  A bike so similar to the other two that would remain, the redundancy is deafening.  Like, as in "which magic metal bike with either 0mm, 100mm, 120mm, or 140mm of travel would I like to ride today?" redundant.  So probably dump the frame... mebbe some pieces parts to enjoy something on the newer side?

Anyhoo, I'm outta town Saturday through the following Sunday, and quite possibly leaving on Wednesday after work for Le Tour (viva).  Don't expect a whole lotta blerhgage if I'm doing a turn 'n burn any time soon.  If I pull it off, expect a massive dump eventually.

And yeth, this would mean I'd be doing Le Tour (viva) on my 100mm travel Vertigo Meatplow V.7 (at least I can member that one), which would probably be some of the gnarliest shit I see all year.

I might be dumb, but at least I'm consistent.

The bird dung in my hand or the two bird shits in the bush?

Viva and also R.I.P.

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