Monday, January 12

I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style


I'm in!!!

Even though I had a spoke card, even though I colored a picture just in case, and even though I paid $4 too much to mail it in an express manner I'm still happy to see my name on the start list for the SSWC09. I bet Ned Overend was shaking in his shoes when he saw my name pop up on the list. Yes Deadly Nedly, The Lung, Ned Overpowernutbusterdeathmonger... whatever they call you nowadays... your Shaolin coloring technique is no match for my Wu Tang style.

Core training for SSWC09

"Would you like a side of fries or slaw when I serve you a plate of cold defeat Mr Overend?"

I'm doing the same thing a bunch of other folks are doing this time of year. I've looked around the room and found a bunch of crap I haven't used lately and decided to let it go in order to finance my drug problem (EPO, not recreational non performance enhancing). I'm gonna get rid of my old road frame.

Not that old road frame, this one:

The DeBernardi is my old work bike that was replaced with The Fastest Bike in the World back in 2006. I'm not selling the DeBernardi, in fact I'm building it up to be my new old road bike. The Colnago Mega Master just has to go. It was never a match for my Wu Tang style. Back in 2003 it replaced the Nashbar frame my dad had bought me as a graduation present from college. The Nashbar had served me well, but I felt like it was time for an upgrade to some fancy Italian metal. I even went out and upgraded my mountain pedals to Speedplays, bought some high end SIDI road shoes, and pimped my ride with some light wheels and sundrious weight saving components to get the bike down to an acceptable weight. All that time, effort, and money never changed the fact that I'd rather be on knobbies any day of the week, so the shiny paint was dusty most of the time.

Hopefully I'll get some brake levers (non-clicky/shifty STI types) that will allow me to run the old skool down tube levers. The end result will be a bike that will be a better relection of my interest in road riding, little to none.

Anyways, I posted a bunch of crap for sale on this thread on our local MTB forum. High end road shoes, Speedplay pedals, a few seatposts, the mtn shoes I just bought last September, some tires, and some brake rotors/adapters. Reasonable offers will be considered since I just want this crap gone. Unreasonable offers will be mocked in a very public manner.

Email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com if you want my crap.

Best (most recent) comment on my Breck Blogger application??

"Dicky represents the last bastion of hope for all of the underachieving, middle aged, balding, hairy, hygiene challenged male and female cyclists from Canada to Latin America. The fact that he was resolute enough to complete his GED program in just a shade less than 5 years is clear evidence of his commitment to completing the task at hand. His utter disregard for even the most basic rules of third grade English is more evidence of his ability to represent those among us who's mother's huffed paint during pregnancy. DICKY for President!"

Wow, president?? I think I'll have to look into that. Looks like such a cool job to have nowadays, doesn't it?


Grant said...

You are welcome Mr. President.

BTW, the package is in the mail.


Anonymous said...

Whatcha doing for training right about now?

Me, its all in the hand. I stroke it to the left and stroke it to the right. I stroke it to the baby I like best. My bike.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what's with the Overend challenge? What is he, 105? No way can you win that beat him and, so what? He's 105! You lose to him, you lost to an old guy. Lose-lose. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Countdown to the end, gonna make it go faster, faster
Right around the bend
is a coming disaster
Count down to the end,
and we're headed there faster, faster
Come on down, my friend
It's time to meet your master

Wicki said...

Um, great, thanks for the upgrade. I feel super jangly and shiny and stuff.
One more thing, tho. Um, we really need you to get your swanky sexy ass in the car and get out here for the swizzle.
Yes, I met your evil/unevil twin. And no, I'm not in love with him as much as I am with you. But regardless, no one can get sloppy, fish kisses when they are several states away. Heck, sweet, cheeky kisses are even challenging then. So get on it and take your turn. You will be glad you did.