Wednesday, February 11

Catching up on scintillating reviews

Does anybody remember back when I found the (almost) perfect shoe?

Well thanks to the internet and its helpful search functions we don't have to remember anything. All previous thoughts and knowledge have been recorded for posterity and future embarrassment. Anyways, I thought I had found the almost perfect shoe, and I cornered the market on them by buying TWO PAIRS of Shimano M085 mountain shoes. Yeah, the lugs were a little on the touring shoe side and the toe box was a little too boxy for my girl feet, but they were the best things I'd ever seen to meet the needs of the competitive single speeder (and me). Sadly those obvious oversights earned the shoe my Seal of Semi-Approval.

So as things usually go in my life shortly after buying TWO PAIRS of the M085 I walked into the LBS and found myself staring at the new and entirely improved M086 shoe from Shimano. I can only guess that once I bought the last TWO PAIRS of old stock M085's they decided it was time to roll out the all new M086. This aggression will not stand, man. I bought into the hype and purchased the far superior M086 (one pair this time), returned the unused pair of M085's and sold the used pair on eBay for an amount I'd rather not disclose as only a stock broker could sympathize with the financial loss I was subjected to with the lopsided transaction.

I must say these shoes are the single speed, glucosamine chondroitin aided bee knees.

Check it. Three straps, one buckle, all rubber soles, no pointless toe spikes (I don't even think the red things come out so they can be replaced with pointless, pokey metal bits), and most certainly a racey look.

And check out that toe box....

No dorky boot-like squared-off action there. Look at those all rubber soles that will stick to slippery rocks and roots like an unflickable booger to your index finger, and then your thumb, and then your index finger, and then your thumbnail, and then...

What's really cool is that the heel will leave an animal-like print in the mud that will stump even the most experienced woodland tracker.

Leonard Nimoy's gonna get called in to search for the legendary nine toed Pisgah wolverine.

Of course there's a downside. There's always a downside. With the help of my new Twelve's from Swiftwick and The Fajita's shinguards I think you can see what brings these shoes down a notch.

These things look way more like soccer shoes than cycling shoes. The Euros get a nice color choice that keeps the shoe from looking like you daughter's sporting equipment, but we in the US and A get the dopey looking B&W option. I guess I could go the Snob route and use sepia tones to make the shoe look better.

No, they just look like old timey soccer shoes now. I guess the Snob just does everything better.

And speaking of the Twelve's...

I was lucky enough to get my merino Twelves before the weather went all global warmy on Charlotte, and I had two sub-30's days in them. I hate full length tights, and these things are just the ticket for changing conditions. Later in the day as things heated up I simply pushed them down. Combine these things with knee warmers and you can adjust your temperature easier than an MLB player adjusts his genital placement or his morals.


Since the shoes stink of team sports and the Twelve's STILL DO NOT COME IN ARGYLE (and you can forget about houndstooth too) they will both get the Seal of Semi-Approval.

BTW: The Breck Epic site STILL does not have all the blogger info up yet, but you can go vote for your favorite three bloggers if you already know who you want to send to the Breck Epic. Go here and vote, or go here and wait for more info if you wanna be a knowledgeable voter.

BTW: BTW: Nice interview with, Sue Haywood, and Georgia Gould over on JBC drops a hint to his new sponsor in there, and Sue... all I can say is bravo.


Big Bikes said...

Pointless Toe Spikes?
Those things are the only way a Cyclist can draw blood in a fight. You don't want to be like Jonathan Baker
, all batting at your opponent like a de-clawed kitten. You gotta all Cock-Fight on 'em or Wallaby...kick with the legs then use the scrawny arms to draw them in for the bite.

Guitar Ted said...

Hey, I'm with ya on the grippy soles. I don't get these hard plastic soles on upper end racer geek stuff. Weird! Apparently, walking isn't part of their mountain biking experience, or the plastic soles scare them into climbing and downhilling stuff we mere mortals end up walking. Hmmm....

I solved the issue with Bontrager Race shoes. Pretty much what ya got there except no buckle, (Three velcro straps) and Race shoes come in all black.

Anonymous said...

You could buy the bronze M086 from Wiggle in the UK if you need to feel a little less English!!!

Anonymous said...

Besides you. Who should we vote for. What other bloggers on that list get your Seal of Semi-approval. I ask, because I want to vote before I forget.

OMG, the word verification for this comment is peanis. I think the planets have aligned.

dicky said...

Lynda W and Tomi McMillar.

I want to party with those two.


Anonymous said...

Dude- Those shoes look like something Adidas would make!At your next race, rip your shirt off at the finish and go all "Mia Hamm" on the crowd!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Nice shoes Rich! Tight like Betty White. My coworker got a pair of Lake mtb shoes this morning. They look like old Nike basketball sneakers minus the retro-cool factor.

GastonBiker said...

Finally got the vote thingy done. Good luck.
The shoes are definitely Adidis. Cute knees though.


Peter said...

I think it's kinda hot that you get your wife to model your shoes for us to oogle.

As for the ultimate shoe, last year I had cleats sewn into the soles of my feet...nothing finer.

doug said...

Nice report. Nice legs :)

I actually just picked up a pair of these. You pretty much summed up the positives over my 4 year old M180 shoes. Grippy rubber and no cleats to go clickity-clack on the rocks and down the hallway. Now I can silently sneak out of the office for a lunch ride. Other item I noticed was that there were about half the price of my M180s, so that was nice.

thanks for the humor mixed in with the review