Friday, February 20

Fifty six spokes of fjear, eight spokes of fjury

You still don't believe that I suffered for 44 of the 45 minutes of last week's race? Here's another image from Rick Wynne:

Clicky make biggy for full grimace effect

Different hand position on the bars and attacking outta the saddle, but I still look like I'm giving birth to a baby pig from my anus.

Once The Pie released the Fed Ex man from the snare trap I set on the front porch (he wasn't getting away this time) she signed for the package (which ended up being two packages). I was expecting my new Continental Mountain 2.4 from a mail order company, but the other package was a pleasant surprise. Before you trounce me for using mail order I want to mention that I didn't want to abuse my hook up at my LBS to buy something I might end up hating and then selling shortly thereafter. I'd rather take a loss than look like I'm profiting from a friendly relationship.


The other box was quite big, and in it were the things dreams are made of.

Golly, I take some awesome photos.
Clicky make biggy just makes it look worsey

These are the Bad Idea Racing 2009 race only wheels. I've always had this pleasant dream where I would be in this situation, and now here it is. Why bother having "race wheels"?

My first pair of Industry Nine wheels (they've updated their website) were built with extreme durability in mind. I went with Stan's Flow rims since they were the widest and fattest TUBELESS compatible rims available. I'm well aware of the whole rotating weight thing (especially the part about the distance from the axis of rotation), but I wanted wheels that would last forever. So why get new ones???

The "race wheels" are built on Stan's 355 rims. The 355's are only 410 grams a piece as opposed to the Flow's which come in at 525 grams a piece. Multiply that weight savings times two and you get a half pound less rotating weight... A HALF POUND!!! That's a nice chunk of rotating cheese folks. The weight savings does come at a price. The width of the new rim is 13-16% narrower (outside rim and inside channel width). This reduces the volume of the tire, and the effective width of the casing. How much?? I dunno, but since I mounted tires that are not quite the same as what's on the Flows right now I can't measure them to tell you. So now the plan is to always have a sexy not-so-worn-out set of tires and rotors that aren't all smashed up mounted up to the "race wheels" at all times ready to go, as opposed to trying to get a few more weeks outta some old tires to avoid sealing up new ones whether I have a race coming up or not. These wheels will be kept in a pink temperature and humidity regulated velvet lined case when not is use, but public viewings can be arranged if you ask nicely.

Yes, there are four purple spokes in each wheel, partly to match the purple Cane Creek 110 headset, but mostly to pay tribute to probably the most inspirational hero to little guys everywhere, Prince. Maybe I should call this "season" The Purple Reign Tour??

photo cred, of course, to Faces of Dicky

BTW: Faces of Dicky is now taking requests. Send your ideas to, and see if your idea gets his approval. No, I have no hand in the Faces of Dicky, and no, I have no idea who it is, but anybody who uses my image to entertain and inform is okay in my book.

Has it been seven to ten days since I've bugged you for a vote? No? Sorry.

Did Cavendish really point at his genitals when he took the win yesterday?

image from
I gotta remember that move for this year.

I'll close with a tribute to the man who first used my image to make people laugh.


No, Bob Ross.

"And then we'll put a pretty little nutsack here..."

Thanks Brado.


Tomi said...

your new bike is ugly. :-P

Anonymous said...

Post up how the new Conti works for you- Interested in changing my current WWLT

Big Bikes said...

Glad you'll have some race-specific rubbah this year. I recall (apparently not very well because I don't know exactly which race it was) you having to stop and patch a torn sidewall several times during one of the 100s, passing me back after each repair.

Favorite Bob Ross quote:

"Ready to Get Crazy? Let's Have Some Fun Today"

dicky said...


Not me. No sidewall tears here. Occasional trips into the trees due to excessively worn down tread, but no serious problems with rips and such.

Chris said...

That race pic looks like a hamster humping a tennis ball.

Nik said...

He's pointing at his shorts cos Rogers twittered to the folks on twitter if they should wear white or black shorts. White was the chosen choice of the day.