Thursday, February 19

Ill computations

photo cred to Faces of Dicky

All right folks, I got some preliminary results back on how the voting is going for the Breck Epic blogger's contest (all the contestants got an update). Yes, I'm currently in the lead according to the preliminary numbers, but the lack of votes seem kinda sad. I know some of you are thinking "Of course he's gonna win. He wins everything that doesn't really require talent, so why would I bother to vote for him?"

Because I asked nicely?

I mean come on, I get up almost everyday before the sun comes up to type this drivel, and all I ask in return is that you take 45 seconds of your time to click this link and place a vote for me??? That seems like a fair trade, right??

For those of you not in the loop the current standings look like this:



Kinda scary, huh? In actuality the rankings are as follows:

Rich "Too good lookin' for words" Dillen

Luke "No, Dave's not my brother so quit asking" Wiens

Jen "I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it" Hanks

Tomi "There's a contest going on?" McMillar

On the outside looking in is:
Lynda "Vote for me or I will personally hunt you down and kill you" Wallenfells.

Now you can see I'm up against a serious looking racer boy, a girl who knows how to use firearms, and a beer swilling, sandwich eating, helmet wearing guy who looks like he steppped off the cover of GQ. So it's coming down to the Kip Winger bad boy of the blog world (me), the cover boy from MBAction, a female subscriber to Guns and Ammo, and a male super model filling the top spots as of now. I would definitely say that no one is out of the running so far, and you never know who might have a brother who is the governor of Florida who might just decide to whole thing for us.

Make your vote happen TODAY
, or else I'll... I'll... I don't know what I'll do since I'll have no way of knowing whether you voted or not, but whatever I do it will have global implications.

Now, I promise I will not ask for your vote again for at least seven to ten days (including weekends).

What else might be going on in my world?

Yesterday I got the "curse of the bike whore" left on my front door.

I can't say for certain what showed up at my door (and then left moments later), but I feel like it was something good. I will find out today, and you will find out tomorrow.

Here's a photo from the last short track race I did this past weekend:

photo cred: Rick Wynne

Notice that horrible grimace I'm wearing on my face? That look was there for approximately 44 of the 45 minutes I was on the bike. So even giving it my all I could I only managed to muster a midpack finish, but I did realize why I failed to move up. Remember when I built the super fast short track death machine last week? Well I ended up forgetting to mount up the lighter aluminum Chris King cog instead of the heavy steel one I normally run. According to the calculations I plugged into I would have came in at least one place higher with the lighter cog.

It's a fact.


Anonymous said...

I vote for you even though you foist upon us your political socks. So thank me ... Colorado is a great place, if I could I'd live there. I'd completely forget about bikes and just ride a snowboard from Nov. thru June.

Anonymous said...

Yo Napolean (Dictator or Dynamite: you decide), do we vote once or once a day?
Whatzup wif da jerseys?

Hater of Blogs

dicky said...

One vote per person.
If you try to vote from the same IP address more than once you get bounced to another website (from what I understand).

The jerseys???

The jersey designer has been busy, so I haven't bugged him in awhile. Canadians get very testy when they are rushed.

allan said...

I voted. Do I get one of those cool little "I voted" stickers now?

dicky said...




Anonymous said...

I'm masking my IP and, according to my records, have voted for you now 219 times.

Only 81 more votes and that Fox Fork you promised me is MINE!!

dicky said...

Dang, if you voted for me 219 times I wonder where the other three votes came from?

Pedal Circles said...

I voted for 2 of the peeps on your list (yeah, you were one of them!). Good luck to all the entrants.

I'm out of IP addresses.

Luke said...

haha...your descriptions are too kind!! i think it's safe to say you wont drop to 5th, just hope i can say the same. good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for you, but I didn't like it. I felt so obligated and I bet you won't even appreciate me the morning after...;(

Shon "the guy who doesn't answer his old pals emails" Simon

jkeiffer said...

"Now, I promise I will leave that topic alone for at least seven to ten days (including weekends)."

-THANK GOD! (I voted the first day, so this stuff bores me now)

"curse of the bike whore"

-That is totally hilarious! Thanks for that.