Friday, February 6

Getting funky on the bike like an old batch of collard greens

I have decided that in lieu of going to TMHTE this weekend I am going to attend TMFTE. I'm pretty sure I'm not up for 36 hours of racing around Pisgah and being at the "whim of a madman".

So what is TMFTE? I will have the pleasure of the Other White Rich D's company as we leave tomorrow morning for The Most Funnest Thing Ever. No, I'm not talking about going to Nothing but Noodles to hear talk at great length about himself, but if any of you go I want a detailed report. Basically we're heading to the TMHTE race venue, going for a big ride (approximately as long as one of the six stages of TMHTE), and then drinking beer and sitting by the campfire as racers stumble in and out of camp. Yeah, pretty weak, but whatever. The way things are rolling in the wrist/hand recovery department I should be ready to start riding rigid by the time my MOOTS gets here.

Speaking of rigid...

I took advantage of a delayed business start due to our 2"+ of snow on Wednesday, and I drove out to Drake Coatings to pick up my funky fresh fork.

That color is what Tom Drake calls "Super Chrome". What makes it so super?

There are tiny little flakes of pink and purple in the powder that would make Siegfried and Roy say it's just too much glitz and glam. Oh yeah, he only charged me $10 for a powder job on my fork, and when the MOOTS shows up my yet to be named Zion is going in (frame and fork) for a fresh coat of powder for @ $65. Beat that.

and lastly...

My DeBernardi road bike is complete.

Under 20lbs (less than two sacks of shit), but still looks like three sacks of shit. During my three minute shakedown ride I tried to shift with my Cane Creek brake levers fifty three times before looking down at the silly paddle things mounted on my downtube. You should also notice the random use of black and silver anodized parts. You're going to see a lot of that at Interbike this year.

I'd make up some more shit about gophers and maybe poke fun at a couple misanthropes right now, but I gotta get packing so I can spend some time with the family tonight while they are awake.


Anonymous said...

Is that a ritchey Bio max Handle bar dressed in pink tape?

dicky said...

Sum kinda Salsa bar.

Short and Sassy...

or something like that.

jkeiffer said...

Wow, you sure do keep us up-2-date on the Moots geo and stuff. You are a man of your word after all.

dicky said...

Sorry jk.
Slipped my mind.

Funny thing was I was looking at the drawing right when I got your comment.


I'll share with the class next week.

joshie said...

you bitch! you could of done HoffenCross!!! It was dope and end with a shot of fat, literally!!

RickySilk said...

showin much flex when it's time to wreck a bike
pimp'n hoes and clock'n a grip like my name was Dolomite