Wednesday, March 11

Large and in Charge

This morning I was up at 4:00AM to drop The Pie off at the airport. She's on her way to Haiti by now to start her two week stint as a volunteer at God's Littlest Angels. What she is doing down there is simply amazing to me, and my part of the deal is to hold down the fort for two weeks and keep two kids and three dogs happy and fed. Dicky in charge of our days and our nights.

Since I had to give up some sleep to get her off on time I went back to bed when I got home, so as a result you get to read a half ass blog entry. Sorry, but staying up for five hours before I actually have to be at work today wasn't in the cards. I feel like I should be on my A-game for my first day as a single parent. I'll be under close scrutiny by the judging panel, and they are used to quite a high standard of care.

Since there are only five days left to vote for me in the Breck Epic blogger's contest I will make this the absolute last time I ask for your vote. From now on there will be no more pleading and begging for your support. I may demand it, but if you haven't voted by Sunday then your voice will have gone unheard.

Don't listen to the famous people... vote.

If I actually win I've been told that Breck Epic promoter Mike McCormack will send out a group of Secret Service agents to protect the blogger elect until the event. I'm not saying my life's in danger, but there's been some things that have me questioning my safety if I do end up in such a position of power.

All images today were ripped directly from the pages of Faces of Dicky.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You'll do fine boy. Just remember - food into the top. Pop comes out the bottom.

I take it you don't have to clean bottoms anymore.

So, just food in the top. Top'm up until they say - full dad.

As for the dogs, you're on your own there... I don't have a dog.

only 2 kids I gotta look after every so often as the x goes out to fill her needs or her boots... what ever she goes and does...

Good on your wife for doing that!