Thursday, March 12

Last of the SH SD60Bohicans

I broke out my last pair of private reserve Shimano SPD sandals a coupla days ago. These are the original design, not the warmed over turd version they started offering some time in 2007. When they changed the design I increased my investment on eBay, and bought every pair of 43's I could find at a reasonable price. This is the last of them. In my defense I have worn each pair out till the soles wore through, or when they had a strap blow outta the sole. I've also been wearing them a lot less throughout the cold months in order to increase their longevity. The side benefits of not wearing sandals all year round would be that my feet didn't crack this year and my pinky toe didn't swell up and start looking like a small alien life form attached parasitically to my foot (no more need for a toe sock)

I figure these will get me through till the full depression Armageddon sets in...

On the Bad Idea Racing jersey front...

Pete-unh is hard at work on the design. His first efforts were a bit shoddy, but he has been redirected, and he's using a computer instead of spray paint now, so perhaps we'll see some progress on that front soon.

Good things come to he who waits, prepays their order, provides correct shipping information, waits some more, checks their mailbox daily, and in the end owns a Bad Idea Racing jersey.

Sooner or later I'll have something to show you, and given Pete-unh's repertoire of artistic renderings and surprising talents it should end up being your daily go-to jersey. I'm also happy to say I (he) found a vendor in Canada, which makes me feel a little bit better about the project than I did last year when I had them made in China. I'm gonna keep the price around the same as it was last year, and I just hope I can make up the difference in overwhelming volume.

Big Worm let me borrow a book that he borrowed from Swayze. Big Worm left his bookmark in there, and as usual it was a random piece of garbage he probably found in the street. This time it was a football card, with Xavier Abidi on it. What intrigued me about this card (and what I need to share with the class) was the image of a referee on the back. Either he is using body language to convey an illegal use of hands or he is demonstrating how to give himself "the stranger".

You decide.


cornfed said...

A Dickster,

This post is relevant in so many ways this week. Classic.

Billy said...

personal foul
and you too fat head of the month who almost killed matt the other day with your dumb car!

Anonymous said...

I think that hand single is from a swingers bar. I've seen it!

"hang 5, its not your turn"

is the real meaning of that hand single.

Translation - if you can't handle it go play with it some place else!