Friday, March 13

The Pie has spoken

The Boy, Fajita and I have survived two full days without the adult supervision of The Pie. We got a call from her late Wednesday night from the orphanage's SAT phone so we knew she made it there safely. Since then we've gotten a coupla emails here and there letting us know what she's up to. She sent along this photo of her and one of the eight babies she's assigned to work with.

I know what you're thinking.... "Man, are there any trails there?"

So the new schedule for the day has me waking up later than normal. Instead of heading into work at 7:40am (earlier if I was "training" like I should be) I'm dropping the Fajita off at school at 8:50am and then doing a five mile time trial to work to be there soon enough to take credit for being there for a 9:00am pickup. The work day goes like normal, but when I get off instead of coming home to a fully prepared meal I come home to ingredients and a cold stove. Then it's cook, eat, check homework, bath time for the smallest person in the family, a little time for goofing off, read a book, tuck, and chamois up for some stationary trainer time. After I cool off a little, I grab a better than average beer from the fridge, take a shower, and unwind. That's the new deal, and I have eight more business days to knock out that will be very similar.

I'm glad I borrowed the trainer from Will at Bolt Brothers. I'm pretty sure it's the only way I was going to get any extra saddle time in before the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek in early April. I'm only riding an hour a night with some kind of intervals thrown in to break up the monotony. I know doing intervals every night probably doesn't make sense, but I assure you they are hardly quality intervals in any way, shape, or form. This is more like mental training... I feel better knowing I'm doing something as opposed to nothing. Intervals also allow me the added anticipation for the respite that the ten minutes in between each period of pain provide.

Even though I arranged for some "me time" this weekend so I could get out in the real world and ride it would seem that Mother Nature does not feel I deserve it. Rain and wet trails are showing up in the crystal ball, so I'm gonna have to come up with some kinda plan. As I sit here I'm staring at the trainer in my living room, and it's staring back at me. I DO NOT want to spend ten days straight on the trainer, but I'm not gonna not do something. Perhaps there's some version of "the stranger" I can do where I sit Indian style (Native American style??) for an hour and then get on the rollers feeling like I'm training with someone else's legs....


KB said...

the PC phrase is "sitting criss-cross applesauce". PC for elementary school, that is.

Anonymous said...

There has to be some trails in the back bush up there. Look at those mountains!!!

I just got back from 10 days 10 islands.

Biked: (on a cyclocross)
Grenada - great island - big climbs
Dominica - killer climbs!
Aruba - nice
St Lucia - big climbs up and down all day
Tortola - nice loop
St Thomas - alright, don't do it on the weekend - busy with traffic
Bonaire - flat, but cool place!
Antigua - good ride, but busy in the city with traffic
Puerto Rico - alright, lots of traffic though
Barbados - too much traffic. This island stinks for biking

Those people have it made down there. Can grow anything all year around. Can pretty much put your carcus down anywhere and live.
No need for heat nor shelter if you don't want it.

I found a coconut tree to live under if things ever get rough up here in Canada (run out of oil or the economy goes to crap...).

Truly love the islands.
The people are kinda screwed up... take advantage of a good thing. They don't realize what they have, most of the time.
Crazy drivers say it all...

Good riding to be had, if can put up with the nutty drivers... they really have to do something about that. Friggen amazing terrain though.
Would love to have a bike race on them islands...


Anonymous said...

I say, the whole load of us bikers should haul our butts down to those islands and take it over like pirates!

I miss the hot weather, fresh fruits, lush beaches, etc...

truly amazing some of those islands are.

Honestly though, someone should have a yearly bike race on each of those islands...

LeYonce said...

High fives to The Pie!

Hang in there dad, sounds like ya gotta plan.

Big Bikes said...

I did a little riding in the south of Haiti when I was down there. Hilly as all hell. Ask the French bastards who tried to drag their artillery through those things. Didn't go well for them.

I was riding around with a half dozen Red Snappers draped over my bars which I'd bought off a dude who had just rowed in to shore. Me and my buddy DiDi rode up to a Bee Keeper's house on some steep, totally buff walking trails and bought a pint of fresh honey.

People yelled at me " Hey Blanc! You're crazy".

Anonymous said...

Better than average beer? ... I thought you were a PBR guy and I hope you're not saying PBR is better than average. Have to upgrade you at the next meetin'.


dicky said...

On occasion I partake of a tasty now and then.

Quantity or quality; choose one.

George said...

Miller High Life is the champagne of beers

Sandblogger said...

Fingers crossed, I'll be seeing you in Breck. Good luck surviving your ultimate test here. I just went throught that a few weeks ago (with the baby, and 5 year old) I'll have mental scars that will haune me forever.