Monday, March 16

And the "winner" is....

Sweet. Second time I've used that title here on the blog.


I would love to tell you who the winner is for the Breck Epic Blogger's Contest, but voting did not end last night at midnight as originally planned. Race promoter Mike McCormack got all mavericky on us and extended to voting for one more day. That means voting ends tonight at midnight, and by tomorrow morning the waiting will be over. He has provided the participants with updated results a few times along the way, and I've been able to maintain a lead thanks to your votes. Of course in real terms "winning" doesn't mean anything, as the top four all get the same benefits of a free entry, media partners to publish our race related spews, and the service of royal bottom wipers for the duration of the actual race. In my world though, things are different. If I can manage to pull out a clean victory (I've used no vote enhancing substances throughout the campaign) I can chalk up an early season cycling related triumph, thus taking the pressure off and curb the early season performance anxiety with a fat "W" in my 2009 results.

So let's bring this one home. I don't need to win. I want to win. Voting takes seconds, so please click on over and give me thirty seconds of your time... I won't regret it.*


I have joined the ranks of Pua, Jeremiah, Sue Haywood, Georgia Gould, Tony Ellsworth, Fussy, and DePlayed (out). I am the subject of the interview of the moment over at Of course the interview slipped in over the weekend when nobody bothers to look at the internet (why bother when most of us have hours with nothing to do at work?). So anyways, I'm playing this card now:

Why should I bother to really post anything worth reading today when there's enough Bad Idea Racing insider info over here for two posts. Click on over and see "HOW I ROLL".

* Only vote once. Mike can smell a cheat from 1,000 miles away.

Monday afternoon vote update....

The Breck Epic voting got a little scrambled over some possible "shenanigans", so as of now I sit in second overall. If you have voted for me once DON'T VOTE AGAIN, but if you haven't voted yet you have till midnight tonight to do so. I'm not saying some blog stalker voted for me 7,000 times, but I wanna make sure all the votes count, so do not vote more than once or your vote might not count at all. Capiche??

I should add that Mike McCormack (BE race promoter) is doing everything possible to make sure everything goes down legit. He even asked me if I had a "hanging chad" and if I did could he see it.




Guitar Ted said...

Oh my! Moots is not going to be pleased with that Bike Rumor pic. Specialized and Trek? Couldn't have had something photoshopped in?

Or wait.......maybe Bike Rr is schilling for it's advertisers. Naw....couldn't be that....

Wait a are trying to shop yourself out to the Big Boys now? Got that free pass in the stage race and now yer gonna catapult yerself into the limelight?

There goes the neighborhood! ;-)

Billy said...

sweet image...bastard

GenghisKhan said...

Fatty said vote for ya, so I looked at my WWFD bracelet and went and voted for you. Still not sure why, but it seems to be for a race. Good luck.