Tuesday, March 17

Remember folks, there is no "I" in team...

I couldn't have done it without you....

photo cred to Brado

At this point the voting is over for the Breck Epic Blogger's Grant. I woke up hoping to see the results in my inbox, but apparently promoter Mike McCormack's abacus broke, and the 24 hour abacus store was closed for inventory purposes last night, so there is no final tally as of yet. I have no idea if I was the contestant with the most votes, but like Fatty (who claimed an early victory in the Bloggies or GW who claimed an early victory in Iraq) I can see no harm in claiming a total premature victory. It worked for both of those guys, right? (after further investigation I see it only worked for Fatty)

I have to thank Fatty for the public endorsement yesterday. I didn't even know I was on his radar, I mean him being a red carpet walking blogger, and me being the guy who cleans the carpet so I can pick up a piece of popcorn he dropped and blog about said collactable kernel on my blog the next day. He also endorsed Jen Hanks (2007 Race Face Ultimate XC Challenge winner) who had taken the lead from me yesterday, which just goes to show you that sex always sells. If she does end up in the top four she very well could be the only person to win a free entry in the blogger's contest without actually having a blog. This may start a new trend in the world of blogging... bloggers who don't have a blog. I have to look into this, as it has the potential to save me hours of effort every week, and perhaps I could spend that time "training", sleeping, or prosteletyzing. Heck, I could spend the first week just trying to figure out what one does when one is "prosteletyzing".

So thank you for your support. I plan on doing everything within my power to make it an interesting trip/read. I will not purposely improperly install my rotor bolts or drink way too much the night before the hardest stage (I said "way too much", but I didn't say "much too much"), but I will do my best to have the ding darndiest time and share my story with the class. I promise that you will not feel like you wasted your vote (like you did back in 2000).


cornfed said...

I hope there's no "White Castle" in I clicked fatty's link and all I get are stupid full screen ads for White Castle choking my computer down... who needs this frustration in the morning? I want my vote back.

Peter Keiller said...

"I guess life is just a popularity contest
Success, the ability to perform within a framework of obedience
Just ask the candy-coated Joy-Cam rock-bands
selling shoes for venture-capitalists,
silencing competing messages,
Rounding off the jagged edges"

Fatty said...

Hey, I'll be your link whore anytime you need me.

Bear in mind, though, I always come back asking for favors. In fact I have one in mind already.

dicky said...

I should remind you that I am a married man.