Thursday, March 19

Peter Principle

The Pie has been in Haiti for just over a week now, and I haven't missed one date with my new riding partner, the television.

One hour a day, except for last Sunday, which ended up being two hours based on the guilt of not getting outside for a ride all weekend. In my defense it was a nasty, cold weekend, and I hardly wanted to pay for a sitter to go pound out a three hour ride in a 39 degree constant rain. I've done some interval work, nothing too organized, but definitely some elevated efforts with some random periods of respite mixed in for reflection. I've seen RocknRolla, The Incredible Hulk, and way too many hours of shit I can't believe I watched on network TV. I like Netflix, but the dry spells in between movies have forced me to watch things I'm embarrassed to admit sitting through. Then again there may be some benefit regarding the mental training aspect... something to prepare me for the long, boring sections of pavement at the Shenandoah 100 this year....


Looking at the stats the other day I came across this site which linked over to mine:

Project Clarity

Charlotte Marketing and PR Blogs of Note
About this site

Project Clarity is Mark Harrison's marketing communications and public relations blog. Mark lives and works in Matthews, NC, where he is founder and principal of Opus Communications.

Mark had this to say about my blog (he mentioned some other stuff, but it wasn't about me, so let's just skip over that):

"Bad Idea Racing — not a marketing blog, but a brilliant lesson in self-promotion from Charlotte “unprofessional cyclist” and bike messenger Rich Dillen."

Did you read that? BRILLIANT. I bet none of you reading my daily verbiage realized that I was providing you with a brilliant lesson, did you? And self promotion? I had no idea this is the direction my blog was currently headed. I thought I was allowing myself to be unwittingly (to you, the reader) used as a marketing tool by my sponsors, but this whole time this blog has been about me? Please, please, please nobody tell my sponsors that I am trying to promote myself here. Don't worry, none of them actually read the stuff I write, but we don't want them getting an earful of bad information, do we? They (my glorious and most generous sponsors) don't need to be bothered with this trivial detail. Let's just let them sit back and watch the sales go through the roof while I shill along with a little sing and dance to sell their products like snake oil to the unknowing masses.

I beg to differ Mark. I am 100% marketing oriented and not the least bit concerned about promoting myself since I am number one racer here at Bad Idea Racing.


Peter Keiller said...

it is entirely appropriate that during actual riding months your revenue generating capacity decreases.

clearly the lemmings are willing to buy what they're told, not so much after they've seen the results.

like a portly weight loss consultant or flat chested hooters girl, you have no business teaching calculus.

Blair said...

I think I gotcha beat.....
I watched "Momma Mia" on the trainer Sunday. One hour and 40 minutes of actors and actresses randomly bursting out ABBA songs. (Too embarrassed to admit that it was a DVD)

But I didn't puke!!
PMBAR training in full effect.

Danielle said...

I actually found myself watching an infomercial while spinning this winter. It was for a "monster steamer" and I actually wanted to order it by the time I was done spinning. Brain washed!

dicky said...



I had to google Monster Steamer to make sure it wasn't some kinda sexual act.

the original big ring said...

i'm hoping (will be 'hopping' on easter) that I will not have to ride in my basement on the trainer until next winter. won't be on the trails anytime soon, still two feet of snow in the woods. but the roads are clear and mostly dry - lots of road work to be had - still better than being inside