Friday, March 20

Proceed with countdown

Two weeks till the first race. There was a time (a coupla weeks ago) when I was thinking "Hey, it's only a 6 hour race". Lately I've been dwelling on the fact that I may be looking at 60-70 miles of racing in those six hours, so "it's only a 6 hour race" doesn't sound so comforting. I really haven't been on anything I would consider a long ride (more than two hours) in quite awhile. I currently don't have a "plan", but a recent trip to Trader Joe' s has me thinking I'm going with a box of these for nutrition.

At 140 calories, 6g fat, 19g carb, 1g protein for every two cookie serving I think I can get by on five cookies a lap, fewer if I remember to bring some Gatorade. "Gatorade?" you ask. "Isn't that kinda low tech?"

Yeah, Gatorade may be kinda low tech, but the shit is cheap. My stomach isn't really bothered by it, and when I mix it at half concentration it's not too bad (and cheaper than real electrolyte drinks), so I'm gonna stick with it. Besides all that, when I drink it with cookies it reminds me of the Kool Aid we used to drink at Vacation Bible School. I still have a half jar (one pound) of lemon lime HEED at home, but I drank so much HEED at the hundies back in 2006 I can't stand to even smell it. If you want it let me know and I'll give it to you (provided you're going to be somewhere I'm going to be at some point in the future). I suppose if it were actually a real product I would drink Power Thirst which would give me gratuitous amounts of menergy and make me feel like I was flying a fighter plane made of biceps.


Peter Keiller said...

less trader joe and more les stroud.

i have never attended a race where i wasn't able to spot a weak lone rider.
even the most pathetic of participants is jam packed with electrolytes and proteins (all tucked safely under their flesh).

buying supplements, it's what my supplements do.

brado1 said...

Douche-Faag ! 400 Kenyan Crystal Meth BABIES!

Adirondack said...

Remember friends- Gatorade is Thirst Aid! For that deep-down body thirst. I recommend the arctic blue/glacial blue/looks like windshield cleaner stuff at 1/2 strength. But then again, maybe that is what is wrong with my race performance...